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Class 5

Star of the Week - Friday 24th November


This week our star of the week is Isla-Grace. Isla is our school council rep and she always feeds back information about school council meetings. Isla is always good at listening and is kind to everyone around her. Isla is very helpful and always helps to keep our classroom tidy and in order.

Here are some of the things the children of class 5 think about Isla - Ella - Isla is very good. 

Freya - Isla is very kind.

Irene - Isla is a good friend. 

Lucy - Isla is good at doing her work. 

Libby and Harry - when you haven't got a friend Isla is always around. 

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Week beginning 20th November 2017


As part of our involvement in anti-bullying week we have been thinking about different reasons why people bully others and we have been writing made up stories about a character called Sam who is being bullied. We have discussed ways we can prevent and stop bullying and our roles and responsibilities as friends. We have also created some wonderful posters to display around our school! I am thrilled that some children have even worn odd socks for school to show their support for anti-bullying week!


We have started to bring a little (we promise just a little) bit of Christmas into class and have been learning the Christmas hymn Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Silent Night (in French) and Little Donkey (Ebol Bychan) in Welsh! 


We have talked about the story of wise Solomon in the Bible and found out what action he took over two ladies who said that a baby belonged to both of them!


This week we have had a wonderful week during forest schools! We read one of Mrs Marten’s favourite stories ‘The Leaf Man’ and expired how leaves travel in the wind, recapping our work on compass directions! We then created our own leaf man and gave him a name and described him to our friends using adjectives!

Star of the week  17th November 2017

Congratulations Morgan, you are the DoJo champion for the second time since September and Mrs Marten is so proud of you. Morgan is always so dedicated to all areas of school life and she always tries her very best! She is so kind and helpful and has contributed to our shoebox appeal this week and has helped to keep our classroom and school a tidy and happy place. Fabulous Morgan!

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Week beginning 13th November 2017


This week we are exploring Parliament and learning about how our country is ran! We are finding out facts about Big Ben and talking about the pros and cons of spending millions of pounds renovating the clock tower! We are looking at telling the time using both analogue and digital clocks using minutes past and to!

We are also continuing our work on Remembrance Day, writing letters to fallen soldiers and reading the fabulous story 'Remembering:A Soldier'. 

We are recapping our French colours and beginning our gymnastic unit in P.E. We are also exploring electrical sources, thinking about whether things are powered by mains electricity, battery or both. 

On Friday our School Council Reps met our local MP, Mark Tami and they asked him all the questions we have thought about this week when exploring Parliament! 

We have started to think about our Christmas performance and have been enjoying the songs and thinking about our lines, remember to sing the songs at home (your lines are in your book bag) and if you have some lines to say remember to become familiar with these too!

Week beginning 6th November 2017


This week the children have really blown Mrs Marten away as they have all been working so hard learning their lines for our class assembly on Remembrance Day on Friday - well done everyone!


This week we have been exploring the story of Guy Fawkes and have been finding out why he planned to blow up the Houses of Parliament. We have been writing diary extracts and also 'hot seating' characters from the story! We have explored ways to keep safe and found out about Bonfire traditions. 


We have made some delicious chocolate apples, reinforcing our work on doubling and halving and we have been grouping firework pictures into sets of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 thinking about multiplication!


REMEMBER - we have forest schools on Wednesday, we will be making our own natural 'Guy' so remember to dress warmly!

Star of the Week - 10th November 2017


Congratulations to our super star Amelia! Amelia is such a kind and thoughtful little girl who always puts her friends before others! She has made amazing progress in all areas of learning and is committed to improving her performance both at home and school. Good girl Amelia, be very proud of yourself.

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Congratulations to class 5 - in the words of Amelia in class 4, your assembly was 'superb'! Well done to everyone for a fabulous performance - Mrs Marten is very proud of you!

In Flander's Field

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Commemorating Remembrance Day

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We have sent two reading books home with your child to enjoy over half-term! Remember you can also read your home books too and we would love to see comments on these books in your reading log too!


We have sent home your child's drinking bottle. Although we wash them at school we would appreciate it if you could give them more of a 'deep clean' at home. Please return them back to school on Monday 6th November. 


Please remember, we have forest schools on Wednesday 8th November! 



Star of the Week - 27th October 2017


Congratulations to Maggie! Maggie has worked hard all half term and has been a real delight to teach! She strives to do her very best in all she does and keeps our classroom spotless! Maggie always has a bright smile on her face and is such an amazing friend to everyone in her class! Keep being a shiny star Maggie and enjoy your week off!

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Week beginning 23rd October 2017


This week we have been continuing our work on healthy eating and have been sorting foods into healthy and unhealthy sets! We have also enjoyed a visit from the food standards agency and we have been learning how to store foods safely and protect ourselves from harmful bacteria. 


In maths we have been creating tally charts and pictograms, collecting data about the pets we have at home. We have also recapped our French and Welsh work on animals during this activity. We have started to explore multiplication this week and have been grouping animals in sets of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10.


In literacy we have been using our rhyming words we found last week and our adjectives homework activity to become poets, writing some wonderful rhyming animal poems. 

We have also explored persuasive texts this week, creating some fantastic posters persuading people how to protect the last 60 Javan rhinos left in Indonesia. 


We have also created some fabulous group persuasive posters promoting healthy lifestyle choices!

Star of the Week - 20th October 2017


Today Mrs Marten's star of the week is the fabulous Jayden! Jayden has worked really hard this week and has completed all of his challenges, taking his time and pushing himself so much. He is always so polite and well mannered and a pleasure to teach! 

Good boy Jayden, keep up the hard work, you make so many people smile!

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D.T project - week beginning 23rd October


We have been so busy planning our own pet accessory in school and have come up with some fabulous ideas, e.g. cat collars, hamster wheels, feeding bowls, animal toys! Please have a talk with a grown up at home about what you have planned to create next week! Mrs Marten has put a note in your homework book asking you to bring in some bits we don't have in school! If you want to change your ideas when talking about your plan at home, that is fine...some of the best inventors made many changes. 


Please bring the bits you need in a labelled carrier bag into school next week, we won't be working on these until Tuesday 24th October at the earliest!


Thank again for your continued support, Mrs Marten

Week beginning 16th October 2017


This week it is our digital learning week and we have been using the app 'Book Creator' to create a book about shapes and our favourite animals. We have also been doing a QR 3D hunt around class. 


We have been looking at the story 'Ronald the Rhino' and thinking about the reasons why we are special and unique! In numeracy we have been reading mathematical problems and identifying key information and using various operations (+ and - mainly) to solve problems. 


We have collected data using pictures from 'Ronald the Rhino' and created block graphs in preparation for our data handing focus next week. 


We are starting our DT project this week and will be thinking about developing a pet accessory! Next week we will be creating our accessories so please start collecting any small pieces of junk modelling you may need for this!


We have been reading the story 'Ronald the Rhino' and talking about the events. We have also answered some very tricky comprehension questions to help us understand the story. 


We had a wonderful time during our forest school activities on Wednesday! We completed our 3D shape hunt and surprised ourselves with how many shapes are all around us!





Today we went through our assembly for the beginning of November! Time is flying by and it won't be long until we're performing our lines! Please remember to learn your lines as we have Mrs Jones watching next week. Also please remember to complete your Spellodrome activities over the weekend as Mrs Marten will be setting a new list on Monday!

Star of the Week - 13th October

Congratulations to Thomas who is our super star this week! Thomas answered some very tricky questions during our visit to Knowsley Safari park and his knowledge of animals really blew Mrs Marten away! Thomas always works so hard and tries his best in all he does. He reads so much at home and completes his Spellodrome challenges often too!

Keep up the hard work Thomas and be proud of yourself!

Star of the week 13th October

Star of the week 13th October  1

Knowsley Safari Park trip - Tuesday 10th October


What a fabulous day, luckily for us the weather held out for us and the sun crept out too! We've had a busy day on our Safari drive spotting so many animals from all around the World. We then had an educational workshop exploring classification of animals and now we all know what a vertebrate is! We also touched an African Land snail and a Python - we were all so brave. 


Following this we enjoyed a Sea Lion show and a Birds of Prey show learning all about various types of birds! Finally we fed the meerkats, looked at the giraffes, wolves and we even braved the bat cave too!


All of the children behaved so well and they really were a credit to their parents, carers and our school!

Sea Lion show

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Sea Lion show

Still image for this video

Sea Lion show

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Week beginning 9th October 2017


This week we have a very busy week planned with lots of exciting activities planned, some of which the children in class 5 have planned for all by themselves!

In numeracy we are exploring shape, recapping the names and the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and also introducing the terms regular and irregular! The children have so far really enjoyed using the black peg boards to create string shapes, describing them so well. 

In literacy the children are looking at their story plans developed last week and will be authors, writing their stories using descriptive sentences, remembering to use adjectives and of course super punctuation too! 

We are having a very creative week this week - children have been sketching animals, making improvements to their work and will add colour using watercolours. As part of our art work, children will be recapping their work on measure and they will be creating animal skeleton chalk sketches, measuring lengths of bones. 

In French we will be exploring pet names and working really hard on our pronouncing the French words correctly, recapping our work on numbers too!

In R.E we will begin to explore the significance of water to living things and talk about infant and adult baptism and the importance of water in the Christian faith! If you would like to send any pictures of your child's Christening in with your child to talk about then please feel free to!


Websites we are exploring this week...

Knowsley Safari Park - Tuesday 10th October


Just a few reminders about our school trip - 

Please bring a lightweight waterproof jacket, we will be moving around a lot so don't want to get too warm but we need to prepare for the typical British rain too!

School uniform MUST be worn please, with sensible closed shoes as we will be walking around all day!

Lunch - please provide lunch in a plastic bag, ensuring everything in it is disposable, this will save us carrying things around after our lunch!

Please ensure your child's medication is in school and in date if they need to take it with them - this will be kept by Mrs Marten at all times. 


Mrs Marten will be giving you a new spelling list every Monday to learn. Please make sure you learn your new list of spellings as we will be looking out for the spellings in your work the following week, checking that you are spelling them correctly! 

Remember spellodrome is part of your year two homework so you should be making sure that you learn your new list every week for Dojos!

Star of the Week - 6th October 2017


This week our star of the week is Eleri!

Isla Grace thinks she is a star because she always works hard!

Keira thinks Eleri is a very good friend as she is always there to help you!

Ella thinks Eleri is always good as she reminds people on the playground to be nice.

Cameron says that Eleri is always there if you need her!


Mrs Marten is super proud of Eleri, she always has a bright smile and is such a super helper - thank you Eleri!

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Week beginning 2nd October 2017

We can't believe we are in October already. This week we are working so hard again, finishing off our retelling of Handa's Surprise. We have also continued our work on weight and have been adding money amounts to find a total and give change from 10p and multiples of 10p. 

We have also explored the story 'Noah's Ark' and linked this in with our work on measure - weighing animals and measuring the size of our arks. In P.E we have completed our Handa's Surprise dances and have linked our great movements together. 

We have already explored our new times table website TT Rockstars - we know it can be very tricky so just try your best. Remember you do not have to go on this and if you want to wait for a few months to have a go then that is fine! We are beginning to explore our new Spellodrome log ins this week too with so many exciting new games in store for us!

We have enjoyed planning our trip to the Safari park today and have been exploring maps of the park, talking about the routes we may take using positional language, e.g. right and left and also we have explored compass directions! We have also been writing questions to ask the rangers and also sketching the animals we may see, evaluating and improving our sketches!

In forest schools as have been recapping our work on measure and found natural materials measuring more than 30cm, less than 30cm and half of 30cm! We were very unfortunate to be caught in the rain but still had a wonderful time!!!

Star of the Week - 29th September


Congratulations to our super star Ellie! Ellie has been such a sparkly star this week and has completed all her challenges this week with a super bright smile on her face! She has really made us all smile and laugh with her fabulous sense of humour! Good girl Ellie, keep it up!

Picture 1
Our best dressed outfit today goes to...
Picture 1

What a scary lion Mrs Marten walked into this morning, she really couldn't guess who it was! Can you guess? Here are some clues...


1) the lion is a she

2) she has brown eyes

3) she has brown hair

4) she loves going to Beavers

5) she has a big sister

Week beginning 25th September - Humanities Week


This week is a very important week as we have decided to explore the continent Africa! This week we are exploring the story 'Handa's Surprise' and focusing on weight, doubling and odd and even numbers in maths. We are estimating the weight of Handa's fruit and we are using scales and balances to find the weights!

In English we are retelling the story and thinking about using speech bubbles to add to our pictures showing what characters are saying! 

We are using the iPads to explore Africa, finding out the foods they eat there, the types of clothes they wear, the homes they live in, their traditional music and art. 

In P.E we are creating a Handa's Surprise dance, linking movements together. In Welsh and art we are continuing the theme of fruit by talking about the fruit we like and dislike using dwi'n hoffi and dwi'n ddim yn hoffi. We are sketching fruits carefully and using watercolour paints to add colour and texture. 


Mrs Marten has been so impressed with the children - they are all just so wonderful and a credit to all parents and carers! 

Week beginning 18th September


This week we are  exploring subtraction and using animals to 'eat' biscuits for their lunch, writing subtraction sentences. We are also continuing to explore our focus book 'Mog and the V-E-T' and creating character profiles, thinking carefully about the characters and using adjectives to describe them! We are also thinking about alphabetical order this week which will be what your homework challenge will be focused on! We have been ordering the Welsh animals in alphabetical order using our knowledge of the alphabet and dictionaries too to help us!

In forest schools we have been exploring minibeasts and using the iPads to record the total number of legs.


Mrs Marten has been very impressed by the creative bookmarks you have created for homework! She is thrilled how much reading is being done at home and awards DoJos every Monday and Friday for wonderful home reading so keep it up!


Why not explore the websites below at home this week to help you with your learning!

Congratulations to our star of the week - Libby Brookes! Libby ALWAYS tries so hard in all she does and is such a great friend to everyone! Libby is kind and helpful as she is always the first to offer a helping hand! Brilliant Libby - keep being the amazing girl you are!

♫ FRENCH Numbers Song 1-20 ♫ Compter jusqu'à 20 ♫ Comptine des Chiffres ♫ Learn French Learn to Count in French from 1 to 20 with a Song - The Numbers in French. Apprenez les Nombres et les Chiffres en Francais avec une Chanson - Une Comptine des Chiffres pour Apprendre à Compter jusqu'à 20. Lerne auf Französisch bis 20 mit dem Zahlenlied zu zählen - Die Zahlen auf Französisch.

Week beginning 11th September 2017


What another fabulous week we have had! This week we have been super explorers and we have been investigating animal xrays and thinking about the animals they may belong to, thinking about shape and the work we did on dinosaurs and skeletons in year one! We have been looking at addition and adding the number of legs different animals have! 


We have also been looking at the rights we have in school and know how to treat others with respect. We have created a wonderful display showing that we understand our rights as children of Ewloe Green School! 


In music we have developed our Welsh language by composing and performing our own songs with the title Sut Wyt ti? We have also explored Welsh feelings in our art work too!


We have read just half of the story 'Mog and the V-E-T' and have become authors too, writing the end of the story thinking about the adventures Mog may have after visiting the vets!


Well done class 5 - you have worked really hard this week and Mrs Marten and Mrs Jones are so proud of you! Remember to read your reading book before Monday so we can change it. Your homework this week is to design a funky bookmark for your reading book - be creative!



smileyStar of the Weeksmiley

This week our super star of the week is Lucy! Lucy always comes into school with a bright smile and is a delightful member of class 5. She always tries her best and gives that little extra in all she does. This week Lucy has completed Mrs Marten's challenges - researching the differences between crocodiles and alligators and also finding out how to spell gnome!


Well done Lucy - I am very proud of you! Put your feet up and relax this weekend - you deserve it!

Websites we have used this week

Welcome to Class 5!

This week it has been so difficult to select a star of the week as everyone has worked so so hard so thank you class 5!

Congratulations to Morgan today! She has been chosen to be our star of the week as she has been amazing in every area of school life! Morgan has shown such a positive attitude to her reading and work and has been so helpful around class!


Our star of the week - 8th September 2017

Mrs Marten and Mrs Jones are delighted to welcome you to year two! What a fabulous first day we have had. Each child has come into school with the most amazing confidence and enthusiasm and we know already that we are going to have the most wonderful year! 


This week we are talking and writing about our holiday news, focusing on carefully forming our letters and getting back into our reading activities. We are exploring animals by sorting them into sets using tables and Venn diagrams as our topic this term is 'All creatures great and small'. 

In numeracy we are ordering numbers to 100 and writing numbers the correct way round too. 


In P.E (which will take place on a Tuesday and a Friday) we have been planning our own game in a small group and writing instructions explaining how to play them. 


Your children have been amazing so please tell them how proud you are of them! 


Just a few reminders - 

- Please send in a labelled water bottle for your child to keep in school. Our brains are working so hard they need hydrating!

- Please bring labelled P.E kits into school on a Monday to stay in school until the Friday! If you do require trainers etc mid week for other out of school activities then that is fine, just let us know. 

- Reading books will be sent home on Thursday - please read nightly if you can (even if it's just one page). These will be changed on a Monday and a Thursday but please feel free to read books from home (or comics/e-books) too. 

- Learning logs will be sent home on Friday - please could these be returned by the following Thursday at the latest!

  • SpellboundA fabulous spelling game we have been exploring this week!

Our busy first week in year two!

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