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Information about Year 1


Reading books

Reading books will be changed on Mondays and Thursdays. Please aim to read with your child every night if you can (even if it's just one or two pages). Feel free to read books from home (or comics/e-books) too. The more you read, the better!

Once your child has finished their book it would be great if you could ask them questions about it, this will help to develop their comprehension skills. Every time you hear you child read please can you make a note in their reading diary - Books will otherwise not be changed.

Reading regularly helps your child to develop their confidence and love of reading, their phonic knowledge and it also supports their writing.


Reminder - Please ensure reading books/diaries are in school every day as we hear your child read at different points during the week.



Your child has been given a Learning Log, which will be used throughout the year for homework. Please see the inside of the Learning Log front cover for how this will be used. Learning Logs will be sent home every Friday. Please return them to school by the following Thursday.


We would like the work to be that of your child. We would much rather see a few handwritten sentences that they have written themselves, rather than lots of printed text that they don't understand and/or can't read back. Any concerns please come in and see us.



PE is on Monday and Wednesday.

Please send PE kits into school with your child every Monday morning. PE kits will stay in school until Wednesday and will be sent back home with your child at the end of the day.

Please make sure all PE bags and PE kit is clearly labelled with your child’s name. 
If your child has their ears pierced, please ensure they are removed on PE days.


One of the skills we continue to be working on is how to get ourselves dressed and undressed for PE. It would be wonderful if you could practise at home by encouraging your child to get themselves dressed for school in the morning and into their pajamas for bed.


Water bottles

It has been great that so many children have brought their water bottles into school. If your child hasn’t done already, please send them into school with a water bottle with their name clearly labelled. These will then stay in school during the week and be filled each morning. They will then be sent home on a Friday for washing - please return bottles to school the following Monday.


Snack time

This year the children will have a 'continuous snack' time, this means that they can have their snack during any part of the morning when they would like it.

Unless your child has paid to have school fruit this half term, please send them into school each day with a piece of fruit to eat for their snack. Snack boxes are great but please label them!

This year at Ewloe Green, we are trialling a new cursive handwriting scheme. The above document shows the formation animals we will be using and rhymes that we will use to assist the children to learn and remember the correct letter formation. We will be teaching the children a letter a week in the order of the letters on the document. This half term we will begin by working through the 'ladder' family.  


Your child can now log onto Spellodrome (please see the Spellodrome section on our website for help, this is located on the 'Parent' tab).


All year 1 children will be set the same spellings for the next few weeks, as this is time for you to get used the program. Your child will be assessed after half term and will be set spellings according to their results.


Every Monday, your child will be given a new list and their score will automatically return to 0. If your child has any words in the 'incorrect' column on a Monday, they will keep the same list for the following week.


We will be monitoring each child's progress and how often they access the site throughout the week and hope to be giving out 'dojos' for children who are trying their best and for those with the most points by the end of the week.


Reminder - access through Google Chrome and ensure it is the UK website.


If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to come and ask.
Thank you for your continued support!


Forest Schools

Just a reminder that Year 1 have Forest Schools on Thursday 19th September, and every other Thursday from then on throughout the school year. Please make sure your child comes to school in suitable, warm clothing. They will need to bring a change of clothes including shoes (school uniform) in a bag with their name on.