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Class 2

Just a few reminders

To my lovely parents, just to remind you that BOOK BAGS come in on a Friday and will go home on a Monday.

If your child wants to bring their OWN SNACK in it must be a healthy choice and have their name on it please. School snack is available and payment is via School Gateway.

Children will need a COAT now the weather is changing.

PE days are Wednesday and Friday where the children come to school with their PE kits on. 

Thank You 

Mrs Bentley

Half- Term Challenge


Please can your child keep a picture dairy of one of their days in half-term. This gives them something to talk about when we are back in November.  If you could email me anything that will help them to discuss it this would be great!



Enjoy your Half-Term!  Keep safe and have Fun ! 


Mrs Bentley 

Your child will be coming home with a short report today to let you know how they have settled in this half term. This time in school has been a little stranger and a little different to previous years. The children have been an absolute pleasure to have in the class. They have adapted so well to the routines, especially hand washing!  They have enjoyed getting to know me and all the staff in the Reception classes and I am so VERY proud of them all!!  


This half term please keep safe !! After half term we will be understanding Remembrance Day and doing a lot of Poppy craft. We will be counting to 20, talking about our half-term and sharing our news with each other. We will be understanding different times of the day and when we do things like brush our teeth, eat our breakfast and go to school.



Week 7

Week Beginning 19.10.20

This week we have been asking each other questions and finding out what our favourite fruit is for snack in school. We recorded our findings using a pictogram and talked about what we found out. Some of us used tally marks too!  We were very good with these!
We have been tasting different vegetable soaps and describing how they taste. Our favourite was the Pumpkin Soup with Butternut Squash. 
We then talked about what might be inside our Pumpkin and opened it up to have a look. We felt the seeds and the pulp it was very 'Slimy' and 'Squidgy'. We had lots of fun feeling it and describing what it felt like!
We have been really busy this week!  We went for a walk, shared with our friends, counted both forwards and backwards to 20, used or sounds to spell and read words and also we have made our Incy Wincy Spider display too!

Week 6

Week beginning 12th October 2020

This week we have been busy talking about what we want to be when we grow up. We have been looking at the ‘People Who Help Us’ and drawing a picture of what we would like to be when we are older. We have been busy practising our numbers and getting very good at them too!
We have been exploring Autumn and looking at lots of different vegetables too!
We even found a baby snail amongst the leaves we called him Sam, we could read and spell the name Sam. We made Sam the snail a village out of Lego.
We have been looking at sounds and been very clever and even been able to spell some of the words we are learning to read too.
We have been making Humpty Dumpty using our cutting and folding skills and singing lots of rhymes too. We have been counting lots of objects around the classroom and printing Numicon shapes in order from 1-10. We have been learning an Autumn song and have really been enjoying the story ‘The Wonky Donkey’ by Craig Smith.
Next Week we will be making Incy Wincey spiders, exploring ‘People Who Help Us’ more. We will be sequencing stories and rhymes and finding out what everybody’s favourite fruit is in the classroom. We will be looking more at vegetables and tasting some vegetable soup too! Outside we will be doing a shape hunt and finding and counting all the different 2D shapes.

Week 5

Week beginning 4th October 2020

This week we have been busy investigating 2D shapes. We have been using shapes to make scarecrows and singing ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’. We have been finding shapes inside the classroom and making lots of pictures using 2D shapes.
We have been writing sentences in our books about different feelings and how we feel. We used Mood Monsters and different picture cards to help us. The children then had to use their facial expressions to perform the feeling. Can you guess how they are feeling? 
In P.E we have been doing the Daily Mile. The children enjoyed walking laps around the school and being sensible following each other and listening to instructions on the way.
Our topic this half term is ‘All About Me’ the children have enjoyed learning about their body parts and we wanted to share one of our favourite songs. Enjoy! 
Part One 


Still image for this video
Part Two


Still image for this video
We have been playing with our friends and engaging in lots of fun activities too!
Our Baby Clinic has been very popular and the children have also enjoyed looking at baby pictures of each other and guessing who the babies are.

Hello Yellow

The children wore Yellow in school on Friday to think about Mental Health Awareness. They made Yellow Emoji badges to represent feelings and used their shape skills and cutting skills to make them. Thank you for your support!!

Next Week

We will be understanding Harvest and Autumn and exploring lots of natural materials. They will be thinking about what they want to be when they grow up and thinking of all the people that help us!  We will be ordering numbers around the classroom and in our creative work too!

Our number of the week is 5, and our letter of the week is d which we will be learning how to form using our best pencil skills.

Enjoy your weekend and thank you so very much for all the food you have donated for Women’s Aid. So very kind of you๐Ÿ˜Š

Week 4 

Week beginning 28/09/2020


This week we have been talking about who lives in our houses. We have also drawn them and written their names in our books too. We have been busy making lots of patterns in our Numeracy books and creating lots of patterns around the classroom too. We have been printing, sticking and colouring to make two and three coloured repeating patterns. 


We have been finding out about the Good Samaritan and talking about how we can be kind to each other. In P.E we have been balancing bean bags and enjoying our Yoga sessions too.   


We have been using our pencil skills to form the letter 'a' and the number '3'. We have been labelling the parts of the body and drawing around each other. We have been singing lots of number rhymes and action rhymes to help us learn too!


Next week we will be talking about our feelings, exploring 2d shapes, forming the number 4 and the letter s. We will also be creating a Baby Clinic  as our Role Play area. I would love some photos of the children when they were babies to display if you could email these to me, it would be GREAT !!!


Have a fantastic weekend !!!   Thank you for all your support!


Mrs Bentley 






What a super class working so hard ๐Ÿ˜Š
Next week we will learning how to write the letter ‘s’ using cursive handwriting this shows you how to form it if you want to practise.

Next weeks letter of the week โ€˜sโ€™

Still image for this video
Number 4 formation 

Week 3

Week beginning 21st September 2020


Class 2 have been very busy again this week. They have been counting Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy and identifying the correct numbers. They have been practising their counting skills around the classroom and have been excited to sing number rhymes.


They have been busy reading the characters names Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy, and practising forming the letter ‘m’ using cursive handwriting. They were fantastic!

This week the children have also been learning lots of welsh and have been enjoying making their faces using a collage technique. We have also been developing our Yoga skills in the classroom and our balancing skills outside too.


Next week our letter is ‘a’ and our number of the week is 3. Maybe you could think of some things that begin with ‘a’ and find things around your home too? 


Have a super weekend!


Mrs Bentley 

The children have been enjoying this counting game on the iPads, a great one for at home ๐Ÿ˜Š
Next week we will be forming ‘a’ and looking at the ‘a’ sound. 
Number 3 formation next week
Some wonderful things from this week. Da Iawn Pawb!

Week beginning

14th September 2020

Week 2


Wow !  Class 2 have had a busy week this week. We have been writing our numbers 1 to 10 and our names. We have been sharing our family photographs and talking about what we like to do. We have been learning all about the number 1 and finding this in our playground.

We have also been recognising the characters Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy in a matching game and will be recognising their names next week too!

In PE we have been doing lots of different jumps and have been learning about how to use the space around us when we move. We even got the parachute out which was lots of fun! 

Have a lovely weekend! Maybe you can find things around your home and garden that start with the sound ‘M’ for Monkey?


Mrs Bentley ๐Ÿ˜Š

The children recognised colours, counted and followed three step instructions today. What fun we had ๐Ÿ˜Š

Our letter of the week โ€˜mโ€™ - Next week we will be practising writing it in the cursive style.


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Week 1 

Week beginning 7th September 

Our first week back in school has gone extremely well. It has been a pleasure to get to know all the children and more importantly they have had fun with their friends. They have listened well to all our classroom rules and enjoyed eating their lunch together too!




Mrs Bentley 

Next Week: WB 14.9.20


Literacy - We will be practicing writing our names and drawing a picture of ourselves. We will also be introduced to the characters of the Oxford Reading Tree stories. 


Math's -  We will be having a go at recognising and writing our numbers to 5. 


Topic - We are going to learn about Rainbows and see if we can name all of the colours of the rainbow. 

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