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Class 2



It has been an honour and a privilege to teach your children, in what has been a very tough year.

A year I will always remember and a class who will always have a big place in my heart.


Thank you for your kind gifts that you have given us! Your generosity has overwhelmed us.

Although the biggest gift you gave us was your children who have given us all so much joy and happiness each day. Your support this year has been amazing and we all thank you for that too!!

Have a wonderful, safe and happy Summer and we will see you all in September.


A huge thank you for your generous gifts


❤️❤️❤️❤️Mrs Bentley , Mrs Lacey , Mrs Fewtrell and Mr Manford ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 

Another Chapter is complete so many more to come !!!

Notes for Parents / Carers

Just a few reminders

To my lovely parents, just to remind you that BOOK BAGS come in on a Friday and will go home on a Monday.

If your child wants to bring their OWN SNACK in it must be a healthy choice and have their name on it please.


PE days are Wednesday and Friday where the children come to school with their PE kits on. 

Thank You 

Mrs Bentley

Please remember to send the children in with a sun hat and apply a strong sun cream at home before they come to school each morning. 

Summer Term 2 

Week Beginning 4th July 

It has been a very exciting week this week as Mrs Wade-Jones and Miss Evans have been coming to see how busy the children work in Class 2. The children have been busy writing their profiles for Mrs Wade -Jones telling her all about the things they like to learn about and who their friends are too.

In Numeracy this week the children have enjoyed investigating the different ways of making 10, they have been singing the number bond song and Numicon to help them.  Great work !!  

The children have been using their pattern skills to make patterns using three colours around the classroom too.

We have been learning that team work is important when we want to complete something together.

Sport's Day 

Finally the weather was fine for our Sport's Day today. Please see the videos and photos in our Sport's Day Area on the Reception Class page. Although it is not the same this year I hope you enjoy their achievements. They were all SUPERSTARS !!!  


Next Week beginning 12th July 

Our last week in Reception. The children we be using all this years skills to complete activities around the classroom and outside too.  Wow they have grown up so much since September !!!  

Week Beginning 28th June 

The children have been very clever this week and have been able to write sentences independently using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. At first the children though it would be very very hard but they realised that they could write a sentence all by themselves. They looked at a seaside picture and were able to write all about it.

In Numeracy this week the children have been understanding halves and that two halves make a whole. They were able to find halves in practical situations and used Beebot and the iPads to help them explore more directional language too.

The children have been listening to the story 'Loaves and Fishes' and have been talking about the importance of sharing and being kind to each other. 

The children have been making boats this week and have been using different materials to make them. The children have enjoyed making predictions about which materials would float and which would sink. 

Next Week beginning  5th July

Next week the children will  investigating the different ways to make 10 and they will be writing to their new teachers telling them all about themselves and the things they like to learn about. 

We anticipate that the weather will be fine on Wednesday for us to have our Sport's Day and the children have been practising very hard indeed, but they have had so much fun!  


I will try and film as much as possible for you all to see so you can be a part of it too, just in a different way this year.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Bentley, Mrs Lacey and Mrs Fewtrell 

Week Beginning 21st June  

This week the children have been trying their hardest to do their best writing when they copied a poem about different sea creatures. They had to remember their capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in the work too. 

The children also had lots of fun making a Sea Soundtrack with lots of instruments.

Making a Sea Soundtrack

Mrs Bentley’s Boy Band

Still image for this video
Yellow Submarine

In our Numeracy work this week we have been looking at Capacity. The children have really enjoyed working in small groups to measure different amounts of liquid. They were able to use the language  empty, full, half full, nearly empty and nearly full. 

The children were able to continue to use their money skills in our Beach Shop and Ice Cream Parlour to pay for items and add the different amounts together too.

Using our Money skills

Welsh Guided Reading _ ‘ Dwi’n Hoffi’

In R.E this week we have been looking at the story 'Jonah and the Whale'. The children really enjoyed the story and they discussed the important people they should listen to too, just like Jonah! 

Using the iPads to practise our phonics skills

In P.E this week we were able to spend more time on the apparatus outside. The children's co-ordination skills and control is certainly developing very well.


We also had a game of Hide and Seek on the BIG field too!  What FUN ! 

Next Week _  Beginning 27th June  2021

Next week we will be looking at 'The Seaside' the children will be using their writing skills to describe different Seaside pictures. They will be deigning sandcastles and testing out which materials are the best for building boats.


In Numeracy we will be understanding 'Halves' and how to find these in practical situations. The children will also be using their direction and programming skills with BeeBot too!  


Have a lovely weekend !  

Mrs Bentley, Mrs Lacey and Mrs Fewtrell

Week Beginning  14th June 

This week the children have been focusing on rhyming words. They have been understanding that we can change the first sound of a word to make it a new word.  They listened very well to the story of 'Starry Eyed Stan' and discussed their own special talents. They then drew these in a star.

The children have been counting coins to pay for ice creams in the shop. They have also been playing lots of money matching games too! 

In P.E the children have been enjoying lots of different activities this week. But most importantly thy have been enjoying these together. Working together and sharing different things is very important!

Have a lovely weekend !   

We hope all the Dads enjoy their special day and their wonderful cards the children have been busy making for them too.


Have a lovely weekend!


Mrs Bentley, Mrs Lacey and Mrs Fewtrell

Next Week 

Week Beginning 21stJune 

Next week the children will continue to look at rhymes. We will be reading lots of different poems from the book 'Commotion in the Ocean' and the children will be copying the poems in their best handwriting and remembering finger spaces and full stops too. They will then have to complete the poems by filling in the missing rhyming words.


In Numeracy we will looking at capacity. The children will be using water to fill different containers to the amount they hear. They will be comparing different containers and identifying which container will hold the most.  

Week Beginning 7th June 

It has been wonderful to have the children back after half-term and hearing all about the exciting things that they have been up to.


Our Topic this half-term is 'Under the Sea' and the children have been extremely excited about it. They have been thinking about and discussing what they already know and also what they want to find out more about too.


They have been using non-fiction books to find out lots of interesting facts about the creatures that live in our oceans.

It is our Science and Technology Focus week in school this week. The children have been taking part in a whole school investigation and in their Numeracy work they have been collecting data and representing this using a block chart. 


As a class we decided that we wanted to find out...


'Can children with bigger feet jump further?'


The children were very excited about this. We collected all the different shoe sizes and then we all went out side to jump!!  

In Numeracy this week the children have been busy collecting data and representing this using a block graph. They have also been able to interpret the data when investigating what the most popular sea creature is and counting different sea creatures. 

The children have been using fishing rods to read and add numbers in our areas around the classroom. 

The children have enjoyed playing together and sharing the topic resources and learning independently.

In P.E this week the children have been using their co-ordination and balancing skills in lots of different ways. They have also been learning  some Football skills with Mr Manford.

Next Week 

Week Beginning 14th June 


Next week we will be continuing to find out more about the creatures that live under the sea. We will be looking at the story of 'Starry Eyed Stan'. The children will be exploring rhyming words from the story and will also be thinking about what their special talents are too!


In Numeracy next week the children will be using money to buy Ice creams in our Ice cream Parlour. They will be using coins up to 20p to pay for different items and add them up! They will also be designing their own Ice creams!!   Mmmm !  YUMMY !


Have a lovely weekend !!   

Mrs Bentley, Mrs Lacey and Mrs Fewtrell


Summer Term 1 

Week Beginning 14th May

This week the children have been joining in our Creative School project. They have been very busy making their masks that they designed.

The children really enjoyed making their animal masks fromt he story 'Gwion and Ceridwen'.  They were able to use their design plan and discuss how they made their masks well. 

The children created props for their dance and have really enjoyed performing ' The Dance of Gwion and Ceridwen'. 


What do you think? 

Discussing Love and Despair - Expressive Art Focus

Summer Term 2 

Week beginning 7th June

The children have all worked very hard this half term. I am Avery proud teacher. They are all becoming mor independent in their learning and choices.


After half term our new topic is ‘Under the Sea’ maybe they could start thinking about what they would like to find out about. We will be collecting data and deciding as a class what we want to learn through our new topic too. 

We hope you have a lovely restful but sun filled week!


Mrs Bentley, Mrs Lacey and Mrs Fewtrell




Week Beginning 24th May 

Week Beginning 17th May 

This week the children have started working on their work for our whole school Expressive Arts focus. They have been listening to the story of ‘Ceridwen and Gwion’ from ‘The Mabinogion’. They have enjoyed writing riddles about the animals in the story and have been busy designing their animal masks. They have had to think hard about what materials they will need to make their masks next week.

Some super designs!

The children have really enjoyed partitioning two digit numbers this week and are beginning to develop a good understanding of ‘Tens and Ones’. They have been playing lots of practical games around the classroom too!

In P.E we are beginning to put our dance together and have been using our creative moments to think about how the different animals in the story move. We are now beginning to use our bodies to interpret spells and magic too. 

Our beans are ready to come home !

The children have been talking about our ‘Heroes’ and reflecting on the last year. They have completed their designs for the Royal Mail competition!  What Super Talent !!!

We wanted to find out all about stamps before we entered the competition. Mrs Lacey bought some stamps in for us to look at and we helped her put stamps on her cards to post too!

We have been thinking about all our HEROES !

Next week beginning 24th May 

Next week we will be carrying on with or Expressive Arts. The children will also be looking at the story of 'Blodeuwedd' and using adjectives to create a sentence to describe her.

They will be talking about 'LOVE' and 'DESPAIR' and creating hearts to express their feelings. 


The children will be creating their masks that they have been busy designing. They will be using these to perform their dance too!  


In Numeracy the children will be using a different method to partition two digit numbers and will be continuing to understand place value. 


Have a lovely weekend !!   

Mrs Bentley, Mrs Lacey and Mrs Fewtrell  smiley

Week Beginning 1Oth May 

This week the children have enjoyed the story 'Owl Babies'.  They have been able to answer questions about the story and have been solving clues to identify different nocturnal animals too.  

In Numeracy the children have been identifying different number patterns and have been able to find the missing numbers of the number sequences. They were able to sort hot and cold objects very well and discussed the different temperature.

We have some new arrivals in Class 2. We now have five stick insects that the children have been finding out all about how to look after. 

This week the children have been learning about the Artist 'Vincent van Gogh'. They have been looking closely at his art work and in their groups created their own version of 'Sunflowers'. We think they definitely need a place at the TATE !!!!   What do you think? Some very proud children!!! 

The children have been enjoying many different throwing and catching games in PE as well as using the balance and co-ordination too!  We were very lucky with the weather and enjoyed being outside in the space. 

Next Week Beginning 17th May

Expressive Arts Week 1 

The whole school is focusing on Expressive Arts next week and we are suing the stories from 'The Mabinogion' the book full of welsh stories. Our story that we are gooing to look at is 'The Story of Ceridwen and Gwion'.


The children will be creating some lovely literacy, art and dance work  through using the story.


We cannot wait to see their final work!


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Bentley , Mrs Lacey and Mrs Fewtrell 

Week Beginning 4th May 

Well we have had a super week in Class 2, although a shorter week than normal we have been very busy. The children have really, really enjoyed finding, exploring and investigating lots of mini-beasts.  

A Creepy Crawley Week in Class 2

The children have been bringing in their mini-beasts from home for us all to look at. We have also found lots in school too! The Wormery is getting busier and busier and so is our Bug Nest too.

🪳🐝🐌We love our BUGS 🕷🪱🪲🕸🪰

To help the children understand temperature and the transformation from Liquid to Solid / Solid to Liquid we froze lots of mini-beasts. The children enjoyed the whole process especially smashing the ice!!!

Enjoying smashing the ice and discovering which mini-beast has been frozen🕷🐝

The children have been sorting lots of things in the classroom. They really had to look at the features of each mini-beast to sort them in their Numeracy work this week.

The children enjoyed sorting the mini-beasts using more than one criterion.

Using our sorting skills in lots of different ways.

The children are excited and are observing their beans growing. They have been making observational drawings of their beans and recording their growth in a diary.

Our beans are growing well. some even have leaves already!

Next Week Beginning 10th May

Next week we will be exploring Nocturnal Animals and focusing on the story 'Owl Babies' By Martin Addell. The children will also be creating a piece of group artwork in the style of 'Van Gogh' and they will be producing their own version of 'Sunflowers'. 


The children will be continuing to use their sorting skills and next week they will be looking at temperature. The letter sound of the week is 'Z' and in Numeracy the children will be investigating number patterns and completing number sequences. 


Thank - you for the water bottles if they could be returned on Monday with the children this would be fantastic!!!  


If the children would like to find some bugs over the weekend and bring them in we would love to add them to our collection!


Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Bentley, Mrs Lacey and Mrs Fewtrell

Week Beginning 26th April

This week the children have been busy planting their beans. They were also able to sequence how the bean seed will grow. The children have begun to write their Bean Diaries and will be watching their beans grow over the next few weeks and keeping up with their diaries. 

The children have been out gardening with Mrs Lacey and have really enjoyed digging in the mud. Some children even found worms too.

Sequencing how a bean will grow.

Measuring beanstalks with bean seeds.

The children are becoming independent learners and enjoy applying their maths skill in different activities around the classroom.

Our handwriting and phonics session.

Next week beginning Tuesday 4th May

Next week the children will be continuing to watch their beans grow and they will continue to keep their diaries. 


Our focus next week is 'Minibeasts' and will be sorting different minibeasts using different criteria. The children will also be going on a minibeast hunt and we will be looking for worms for our Wormery too.


I have told the children they can have Monday off because they have worked so hard.  Although some wanted to come to school !!  Whoops! 


Have a lovely long weekend.

Mrs Bentley, Mrs Lacey and Mrs Fewtrell 


Week Beginning 19th April 

In Literacy this week the children have realy enjoyed ' The Hungry Caterpillar ' By Eric Carle. They have been busy making a food diary of all the different foods that the caterpillar ate on each day of the week. They have been making fruit kebabs too. They have also discussed healthy and unhealthy foods. 

In Numeracy the children have been solving lots of subtraction and addition problems both inside and outside the classroom.

The children have also made lots pf caterpillars and butterflies too for our classroom display. They know the four stages of 'The Life Cycle of a Butterfly'. They also know that this is called 'Metamorphosis' too.

The children have been developing their football skills and have also been for a run on the BIG school field too.

Caterpillar Yoga and using creative movement to show the Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Next week 26th April

The children will be looking at how seeds grow. They will be busy planting beans and measuring beanstalks too. They will also be keeping a 'Bean Diary' and learning to name the parts of a flower as well as what a flower / plant need to grow.

Week Beginning 13th April 

It has been wonderful to have the children back. Three weeks is a long time and we have missed them all so much! We hope you all had a super Easter and it is nice to see the sun is starting to make more of an appearance.


Our topic this half term is 'In the Garden'.




This week has been a shorter week than usual. The children have still been very busy. They have been listening to the story 'Treasures in the Garden' and talking about what they like doing in their own gardens too. They were able to write a sentence in their topic books about this as well.  

Mrs Lacey has taken the children on a Spring walk around the school to talk about what they can see and hear. 

The Butterfly Song

The children have been talking about what they can thank God for in their wonderful world as well as learning this song which they love!!

Ladybird Halving

Working hard

Our Garden Centre

In Numeracy the children have been using ladybirds and spots to help them develop their halving skills. They have been making ladybirds and painting ladybirds and have tried their best to halve the number of spots on the ladybirds too.

In P.E the children have been practising their football skills and developing control when passing and receiving the ball. They have also been using lots of different objects where they needed to use their balancing skills.

Using our coordination, balance and control.

NEXT WEEK  beginning 19th April 

Next week will be looking at the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' By Eric Carle. The children will be finding out about healthy and unhealthy food, they will be making a caterpillar diary and also finding out about the 'Life Cycle of a Butterfly' too.


The children will be using both addition and subtraction skills in their Numeracy work and will be talking about and drawing 'The Garden of Eden'. 




Have a lovely weekend ! 


Mrs Bentley, Mrs Fewtrell and Mrs Lacey 

Week Beginning 15th March 

Please note reading books will be coming home on Friday 26th March this week instead of Monday. This is so the children can bring home two reading books for over the Easter holidays. The children will also be issued with a word book. They are really excited about these and if they could look at their words as often as possible this would be highly beneficial for their progression in reading. 



We have had another busy week this week in class 2. We have been reading lots of Julia Donaldson books and talking about different characters. The children have acted out and retold 'The Gruffalo'.


In Numeracy the children have been introduced to subtraction/ take away and have really enjoyed solving simple subtraction sums both mentally and physically around the classroom. Please see a link for the game they enjoyed playing at the bottom of this weeks news.


In P.E this week we have been dancing and improving our yoga moves too. We have been very creative using paints, junk modelling and lots of cutting and sticking this week too.


The children enjoyed acting out ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson. They used lots of lovely voices and expression to retell the story.