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Class 2

Class 2

Notes for Parents / Carers

Just a few reminders

To my lovely parents, just to remind you that BOOK BAGS come in on a Friday and will go home on a Monday.

If your child wants to bring their OWN SNACK in it must be a healthy choice and have their name on it please.


PE days are Wednesday and Friday where the children come to school with their PE kits on. 

Thank You 

Mrs Bentley

Summer Term 1 

Week Beginning 4th May 

Well we have had a super week in Class 2, although a shorter week than normal we have been very busy. The children have really, really enjoyed finding, exploring and investigating lots of mini-beasts.  

A Creepy Crawley Week in Class 2

The children have been bringing in their mini-beasts from home for us all to look at. We have also found lots in school too! The Wormery is getting busier and busier and so is our Bug Nest too.

🪳🐝🐌We love our BUGS 🕷🪱🪲🕸🪰

To help the children understand temperature and the transformation from Liquid to Solid / Solid to Liquid we froze lots of mini-beasts. The children enjoyed the whole process especially smashing the ice!!!

Enjoying smashing the ice and discovering which mini-beast has been frozen🕷🐝

The children have been sorting lots of things in the classroom. They really had to look at the features of each mini-beast to sort them in their Numeracy work this week.

The children enjoyed sorting the mini-beasts using more than one criterion.

Using our sorting skills in lots of different ways.

The children are excited and are observing their beans growing. They have been making observational drawings of their beans and recording their growth in a diary.

Our beans are growing well. some even have leaves already!

Next Week Beginning 10th May

Next week we will be exploring Nocturnal Animals and focusing on the story 'Owl Babies' By Martin Addell. The children will also be creating a piece of group artwork in the style of 'Van Gogh' and they will be producing their own version of 'Sunflowers'. 


The children will be continuing to use their sorting skills and next week they will be looking at temperature. The letter sound of the week is 'Z' and in Numeracy the children will be investigating number patterns and completing number sequences. 


Thank - you for the water bottles if they could be returned on Monday with the children this would be fantastic!!!  


If the children would like to find some bugs over the weekend and bring them in we would love to add them to our collection!


Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Bentley, Mrs Lacey and Mrs Fewtrell

Week Beginning 26th April

This week the children have been busy planting their beans. They were also able to sequence how the bean seed will grow. The children have begun to write their Bean Diaries and will be watching their beans grow over the next few weeks and keeping up with their diaries. 

The children have been out gardening with Mrs Lacey and have really enjoyed digging in the mud. Some children even found worms too.

Sequencing how a bean will grow.

Measuring beanstalks with bean seeds.

The children are becoming independent learners and enjoy applying their maths skill in different activities around the classroom.

Our handwriting and phonics session.

Next week beginning Tuesday 4th May

Next week the children will be continuing to watch their beans grow and they will continue to keep their diaries. 


Our focus next week is 'Minibeasts' and will be sorting different minibeasts using different criteria. The children will also be going on a minibeast hunt and we will be looking for worms for our Wormery too.


I have told the children they can have Monday off because they have worked so hard.  Although some wanted to come to school !!  Whoops! 


Have a lovely long weekend.

Mrs Bentley, Mrs Lacey and Mrs Fewtrell 


Week Beginning 19th April 

In Literacy this week the children have realy enjoyed ' The Hungry Caterpillar ' By Eric Carle. They have been busy making a food diary of all the different foods that the caterpillar ate on each day of the week. They have been making fruit kebabs too. They have also discussed healthy and unhealthy foods. 

In Numeracy the children have been solving lots of subtraction and addition problems both inside and outside the classroom.

The children have also made lots pf caterpillars and butterflies too for our classroom display. They know the four stages of 'The Life Cycle of a Butterfly'. They also know that this is called 'Metamorphosis' too.

The children have been developing their football skills and have also been for a run on the BIG school field too.

Caterpillar Yoga and using creative movement to show the Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Next week 26th April

The children will be looking at how seeds grow. They will be busy planting beans and measuring beanstalks too. They will also be keeping a 'Bean Diary' and learning to name the parts of a flower as well as what a flower / plant need to grow.

Week Beginning 13th April 

It has been wonderful to have the children back. Three weeks is a long time and we have missed them all so much! We hope you all had a super Easter and it is nice to see the sun is starting to make more of an appearance.


Our topic this half term is 'In the Garden'.




This week has been a shorter week than usual. The children have still been very busy. They have been listening to the story 'Treasures in the Garden' and talking about what they like doing in their own gardens too. They were able to write a sentence in their topic books about this as well.  

Mrs Lacey has taken the children on a Spring walk around the school to talk about what they can see and hear. 

The Butterfly Song

The children have been talking about what they can thank God for in their wonderful world as well as learning this song which they love!!

Ladybird Halving

Working hard

Our Garden Centre

In Numeracy the children have been using ladybirds and spots to help them develop their halving skills. They have been making ladybirds and painting ladybirds and have tried their best to halve the number of spots on the ladybirds too.

In P.E the children have been practising their football skills and developing control when passing and receiving the ball. They have also been using lots of different objects where they needed to use their balancing skills.

Using our coordination, balance and control.

NEXT WEEK  beginning 19th April 

Next week will be looking at the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' By Eric Carle. The children will be finding out about healthy and unhealthy food, they will be making a caterpillar diary and also finding out about the 'Life Cycle of a Butterfly' too.


The children will be using both addition and subtraction skills in their Numeracy work and will be talking about and drawing 'The Garden of Eden'. 




Have a lovely weekend ! 


Mrs Bentley, Mrs Fewtrell and Mrs Lacey 

Week Beginning 15th March 

Please note reading books will be coming home on Friday 26th March this week instead of Monday. This is so the children can bring home two reading books for over the Easter holidays. The children will also be issued with a word book. They are really excited about these and if they could look at their words as often as possible this would be highly beneficial for their progression in reading. 



We have had another busy week this week in class 2. We have been reading lots of Julia Donaldson books and talking about different characters. The children have acted out and retold 'The Gruffalo'.


In Numeracy the children have been introduced to subtraction/ take away and have really enjoyed solving simple subtraction sums both mentally and physically around the classroom. Please see a link for the game they enjoyed playing at the bottom of this weeks news.


In P.E this week we have been dancing and improving our yoga moves too. We have been very creative using paints, junk modelling and lots of cutting and sticking this week too.


The children enjoyed acting out ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson. They used lots of lovely voices and expression to retell the story. 

The children’s pictures and writing about ‘The Gruffalo’.

Gruffalo Yoga

We had a fashion show in class 2 this morning. The children enjoyed showing everyone their costumes and talking about their favourite books and characters.

World Book Day - Comic Relief celebrations

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

We have been busy doing lots of lovely things and have really enjoyed doing the lots of subtraction.

We enjoyed looking at all the lovely books in our class today too!

Some jokes to make you laugh !

Still image for this video
The children have enjoyed playing this game this week. I promised I would pop the link on here for them so they can play it over the weekend to show you how clever they are.

The Masked Reader 

See the link below and see if you can guess who the Masked Readers are. You might be able to guess Mrs Bentley 😉





Next Week Beginning 22nd March 

Next week will be focusing on Easter. The children will be collecting data and using tally marks and block graphs to present their findings when counting Easter objects.


They will be listening to and sequencing the Easter story and understanding why Easter is celebrated. They will be enjoying lots of Easter crafts too.


I look forward to speaking with you all, although a little different this year on Monday and Tuesday for our Parent's Evening sessions.


Have a lovely weekend!


Mrs Bentley, Mrs Lacey and Mrs Fewtrell 

Week Beginning 8th March
This week the children have been looking at and exploring time. They have been playing time games, looking at lots of clocks, singing rhymes and reading the time using o'clock and half past too.  
The children have really enjoyed looking at superhero stories. We have focused on 'Supertato'. They have made some super pictures using potatoes to print with and collage technique too. Not to mention their own cutting and sticking skills.
The children have been talking about what super powers they would have if they were a super hero. They have thought hard about having a positive attitude to their work and always trying hard instead of saying that they cannot do it.

The children have been especially busy this week making their own Mother's Day cards, drawing pictures of their mums and making our little video for all of you too!!   



Here it is....

To our Mummy’s a special song for you.

Still image for this video
We love you lots and lots. Xxx

Sending you our love and thanks.

Still image for this video

Next week beginning 15th March 


Next week in Literacy we will be looking at the author Julia Donaldson and reading lots of her books in school. We will be using the characters from her stories in our role play and using puppets to retell the wonderful stories that she writes.


In Numeracy we will be introducing the children to subtraction. The children will be using characters and objects from 'The Gruffalo' to develop and understand subtraction and solve lots of different subtraction sums.


It is World Book Day on Friday 19th March and also Comic Relief. The children may wear a costume an email has already gone out about this and also if you would like the children to take part in the Joke telling, please and them in with their favourite joke ASAP.


Have a wonderful weekend especially Mother's Day the children are looking forward to looking after you!  ENJOY!! 


Mrs Bentley, Mrs Lacey and Mrs Fewtrell

Week Beginning 1st March 

The children have enjoyed finding out all about Wales this week and have been celebrating St David's Day.


They have been enjoying Welsh stories such as The Story of St David, Beddgelert and The Red Dragon. The children were very excited to watch some Welsh Folk Dancing and we even created our own Welsh dance as a class too!!  

We have been busy drawing, painting and making lots of daffodils and leeks. The children have been busy building Welsh castles, Welsh caves for the dragons.  They have been singing Welsh songs and watching Fflic a Fflac too!

The children have been working hard this week to order the days of the week! I am very proud of all of them they were fantastic!

They have been learning about the sound ‘sh’ and have been working hard finding out about lots of ‘sh’ words too.


They wanted to share their dance with you and were very excited when I said I would put it on out class page for you all to see.  So here it is ....

Our Welsh Folk Dance by Class 2

Still image for this video
To celebrate living in Wales we wanted to create a dance for you. We used our counting in twos skills and this helped us to keep in time.
We went for a walk around our school to see the Spring flowers and we heard lots of birds sing too!

Next week beginning 8th March


We will be learning to tell the time on an analogue clock using o’clock and half past the hour. We will looking at Super Hero books and talking about our special powers. We might also be making a few things and writing about special people too! But that is SHHHHhhhh! Just for now.

Have a lovely weekend! I am a very proud teacher, the children have settled back in to school life and are impressing me more and more each day.


Keep safe 

Mrs Bentley, Mrs Lacey and Mrs Fewtrell 😀

Welcome Back 

It has been absolutely wonderful to have all the children back in school.  They have been impressing me with what  they have been learning since the last time I saw them. I am so proud of all of you!!  

This week we have started our new topic all about 'Stories'  and this week we have been finding out about lots of different Fairy Tales. The children have been talking about their favourite stories and have been writing about their favoutite characters.

The children have been finding out all about Noah's Ark and have been counting in twos to 10. Some children have managed to get to 20 and beyond. 

They have been using the construction area to build Noah's Ark and count the animals in pairs of two.  They have also been outside with Mrs Lacey to find pairs of wellies, socks and gloves to count these in pairs of two.  They are very good at counting in twos and I am sure they could do this at home especially when counting socks!!  

In the Creative Area the children have been choosing their own materials to make pictures or models of their favourite Fairy Tale characters.  They have enjoyed sharing their work with each other and I am sure they will tell you all about what they have created when they bring it home too.

Next Week week beginning 1st March

Next week we are celebrating St David's Day by having a Welsh Week in school. On Monday the children may wear Welsh themed clothes for school. These may include any clothes that are Green, White or Red the children have already discussed this with me in class today. There is also a Welsh themed lunch available for the children on Monday


Next week we will be learning about St David and other Welsh stories and books. We will be making lots of Welsh objects such as daffodils and flags.  We will be ordering the days of the week and learning these in Welsh too as well as singing Welsh songs. We will be joining in with Fflic a Fflac and looking at all the wonderful things we have in Wales like castles, mountains, sheep, daffodils and lakes. 


Our letter sound is   'sh'  and our number of the week is '20'.


Have a safe and wonderful weekend ! 

Mrs Bentley, Mrs Lacey and Mrs Fewtrell





Home Learning 

Please see our Home Learning section for children that are not able to attend school. These activities  and tasks should be completed at home if your child is unable to attend school due to COVID.
Your children will NOT be coming home with a reading book from school this week. Instead we will send home a word list for them to be learning at home and it would be wonderful if they could read lots of books at home too.
Christmas Concert 2020
The children did ever so well performing their songs for the school Christmas concert. To watch please click the link below which takes you to Ewloe Green TV.

Week beginning 14th December 2020

Autumn Term 2 Week 7

We have lots of fun this week in school even though for some of us it has only been a few days. We have been busy designing Christmas Jumpers, exploring Christmas CVC words, making 10 with Christmas crackers, playing musical bumps and musical statues in P.E and we have been playing with lots of games too. 
Our Christmas card design competition winner is Niamh and there is a prize waiting for her when she returns to school. Da Iawn Niamh ⭐️
This is Niamh’s design.

A huge thank you from Mrs Bentley, Mrs Lacey, Mr Manford and Mrs Fewtrell for the very kind gifts that you have given us.


We all wish you a very wonderful, happy and healthy Christmas this year. Although things are very different this year we hope that your Christmas wishes come true and you have a wonderful time with your family.

With love Mrs Bentley, Mrs Lacey, Mr Manford and Mrs Fewtrell. XXXXX








Week Beginning 7th December 
Autumn Term 2

This week we have been very busy. We have been writing our numbers 0 to 20 on candy canes, writing letters to Santa, making Christmas crafts, wrapping presents and retelling the story of The Nativity too.

We have also been ordering numbers to 20 using stockings and have been able to identify missing numbers too.

The children have been practising their gift wrapping skills and have been wrapping up boxes using their fine motor skills. I’m sure they would love to help at home too!

We have annoyed Movie Night with delicious Hot Dogs and cookies. We even had a visit from Father Christmas and his cheeky little elves who bought some lovely presents with them too!
We sang Father Christmas and the Elves some of our Christmas songs that we have been learning.

 Next Week

Week Beginning 14th December

Next week the children will be exploring number bonds to 10, looking at Christmas CVC words, designing Christmas jumpers and playing lots of Christmas games too.
Please help your child to learn Away in a Manger

Away in a Manger Lyrics


Week 5  Autumn Term 2

Week Beginning 30th November 2020

This week we have been exploring lots about Blackpool and building lots of Blackpool Towers too. We have talked about what we would like to see there and have even designed our own illuminations too. We have counted objects from Blackpool Fair and used our number skills to begin to explore number bonds of 10 using the Numicon and Multilink cubes.

We had a fantastic Christmas lunch together and sang lots of Christmas songs too.
It is starting to look a lot like Christmas...
In our Expressive Arts Focus Week in School we have been understanding Excitement and Disappointment and used Marble Rolling to create some wonderful Art.
Next Week 

We will be getting into the Christmas spirit and writing letters to Father Christmas, Making Christmas wishes and counting lots of festive objects.


Our number of the week is 12 and our letter of the week is C.


Maybe over the weekend you can start to think what you might want to write in your letters to Father Christmas.





Week 4 Autumn Term 2

Week Beginning 23rd November 2020

⭐️⭐️Saying Goodbye and Good Luck⭐️⭐️
We will miss you!
Elmer Week 

This week we have been busy finding out all about Elmer. We have been writing about our favourite part of the story and drawing a picture. In our numeracy work we have been estimating, counting and checking the amounts of elephants. The children then recorded this in their books.

The children have also been making Elmer elephants using plastic bottles and coloured tissue paper. They worked well in a group too!

The were wonderful and enjoyed the performance of The Wizard of Oz. They sat beautifully and enjoyed in with lots of songs too. They even had a Wizard of Oz quiz with Mrs Lacey too!
The children got in the festive spirit for the performance of The Wizard of Oz. They wore some lovely Christmas jumpers and party clothes. 
In P.E children enjoyed ‘The Wizard of Oz’ yoga too!

Next Week  30th November 
Next week we are exploring Blackpool and looking at all the lights, the fair and building Blackpool tower.


Maybe you could find out more about Blackpool over the weekend too.

Week 3 Autumn Term 2

Week beginning 16th November 2020

This week we have been using our number skills around the classroom. The children have been looking at ‘one more’ or ‘one less’ than a number. They have also been playing number Bingo, completing number puzzles and counting lots of different objects.

This week the children have been trying really hard to write words around the classroom that we can sound out. We are trying hard to use our best handwriting and they are feeling really proud of how well we are doing too!