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Forest schools. Making and using periscopes to crack body signal codes. A great morning of teamwork and fun!

Year 6's trip to The Imperial War Museum. A great, informative trip. Year 6 were all brilliantly behaved and were a testament to the school.

Remembrance Service - Hawarden, 10.11.19

On Sunday, November 10th, Abi, Sienna, Abigail and Emily joined Mr Williams and Mrs McLellan at the Hawarden Remembrance Service where they lay a wreath in memory of those who have died in wars around the world. It was a beautiful morning as the sun shone for the whole parade and service! The girls lay the wreath on the cenotaph with great dignity and respect and were an absolute credit to the school and their families! 

Forest schools...building WW2 stretchers. Some more effective than others!

Class 13’s Oscar and Kuba receive a surprise letter and gift from a member of the public, in response to their litter picking good deeds. Nice one guys!

DCF week - Planning, testing and de-bugging our Sphero “Great Escape” coding challenge!

DCF week - Researching, scripting, filming and editing our iMovies WW2 news reports!

Well done to Class 13 eco warrior pupils Kuba and Oscar for getting into the local newspaper for their litter picking heroics! Nice one boys!

Flintshire Dodgeball Festival - Well done to the whole squad; brilliant playing and sportsmanship by all!

Forest Schools- Very wet...a series of air resistance investigations- great learning experience!