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Year 4 English Homework 16/03/2020

'a' or 'an' homework

Please complete the worksheet that you feel most comfortable with. Write the sentences into your homework books. Please complete your homework by 18/03/2020.

Year 4 Maths Homework- 13/3/2020

The maths homework is on timetables, please choose the level of work you are most comfortable with.

Llongyfarchiadau to our Eisteddfod competition winners.

Tales of Wales - Homework - 02/03/2020

Today we were lucky enough to watch our yearly performance from the Tales of Wales.

Two of the stories we listened to included - 

  • Llandegla Something (Reverend Griffiths tricked the something into revealing itself)
  • Broadhaven Mystery (Mysterious sightings at Broadhaven Primary School)


In both of these stories we are left not knowing what either the "something" or "mystery" look like.


Your homework this week is to use your imagination to draw a picture of what either of these could look like and describe it using a variety of adventurous adjectives.


Please complete your homework by Wednesday 4th March.

Tales of Wales Production

Maths Homework 27-02-20. Choose a minimum of 3 questions to answer in your books.

You will need to show your working out and answer the question in a sentence, please.

Homework - 14.02.2020


Tonight’s language homework is to learn the part you have been given for our assembly on Thursday, to go on Spellodrome for 5 minutes a day, and if you want have another go on the hwb practise tests.

Homework 27.01.2020

This week is International Schools Week and we are learning about Uganda.

Your homework this week is to create your own fact file/poster on Uganda. You may wish to contrast Uganda with Wales.

Helpful websites -


Please complete your fact file/poster on A4 paper.

Please complete your homework and hand it in by Wednesday 29th January.


In addition to this please continue to log in to your HWB accounts and access j2e - Just2easy. We are aware that some children have struggled accessing the practice paper questions at home. We will ensure that they are able to access these in school.

Homework (English & Maths - 22/01/2020) HWB National Test Practice Log in & Questions


Dangerpoint Trip

Today the children learnt about the dangers to be aware of in different scenarios. They participated in interactive situations and were very involved and gave thoughtful responses. They also took a quiz, before and after the activities, scoring 26% initially and then 95.7% after, they were thrilled with themselves (as were we)! They have brought home some safety leaflets for your information.

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

Welcome back. Thank you very much for all of the lovely gifts.

Party Day and Engineering Club.

Homework : 05/11/19

This week is our Humanities week and we are focusing on Remembrance Day. We are looking at and creating timelines of events, comparing the Allies, Central Powers and Neutral countries and creating our own poems.

Your homework this week is to create an informative poster style title page including some researched facts and questions about World War 1 and Remembrance Day. Below are some examples.

Please submit your homework by Thursday 7th November.

Biome Montage: Half term homework

Your task over the holidays is to create a montage about a biome we have studied this half term. A montage is a piece of art made up of words and pictures. You can use pieces of paper in different colours to form the background and then glue pictures cut from magazines, newspapers and computer images on top. Your montage should also have words associated with the biome. Add any of the Welsh words we have used if you can remember them.

You have been given a piece of A3 paper to complete your homework on. Make sure your name is on the back before you hand it in.

Pupils from previous years have really enjoyed this work ~ hope you have fun too!

Below are some examples of montages completed in previous years.

Choose from one of the following biomes:-







Have a lovely half term holiday! smiley

Biome Montage Examples

Maths homework 24-10-19

This sheet is to be completed in their books. A sum should be shown and a sentence written to answer the question.

10-10-19 Maths Homework

To be completed in their books, as shown in the example on the sheet.

Due in on Monday.

Language homework 07-10-19

Today’s homework is to research an animal from a given biome and classification e.g. desert, reptile. The research should include: habitat, diet, size, lifespan and interesting facts.

The work can be written or printed in the form of notes, as we have done in class. They might want to include a few small pictures.

Due in on Friday11-10-19

The children were really great during their assembly, unfortunately the video is too long to upload!

I will ask Mr. Morrison if there is a way to upload it in parts on Monday.

Bendigedig Dosbrth 10 😄


Subtraction homework help

Homework: 06.09.19

Today you have been sent home with your Maths and English homework books. Please cover them with wrapping paper or sticky backed plastic. This will protect the covers from becoming scruffy as they will be in and out of your school bags throughout the year. Don't write on the front of them as I will give you a label to stick onto the books on Monday morning.


Have a lovely weekend smiley

Welcome to Year 4

Friday, 6th September 2019


Welcome back to school! I hope you have had a lovely summer holiday and had lots of fun! I also hope you have enjoyed your first week in year 4. It was lovely seeing you all looking so smart in your new uniforms.


Below is a list of all the things we talked about this week:



PE is on Monday and Tuesday. Please come to school on a Monday morning wearing your PE kit. Bring your uniform in your bag as you can get changed into it after the PE lesson.

Leave your kit in school on Monday night so it will be ready to wear for the lesson on Tuesday.



Monday: English homework is given out and returned on Wednesday.

Friday: Maths homework is given out and returned the following Monday.



We are continuing to use Spellodrome this year. Your login details are glued inside your homework log. Please ensure  you use the programme for 10 minutes each day. You will receive 1 merit for 1000 points and 2 merits for over 4000 points.


Multiplication tables:

Keep practising your tables each week. Remember to make it fun ~ use TT Rockstars to help you! Your login details are glued inside your homework log. You will have regular check up tests.



Bring your reading book into school each day with your homework log. Your reading target this half term is to read at home at least 3 times a week. You will receive 1 merit if you have read 3 times during the week and you have had your homework log signed.



We will let you know arrangements closer to the time.


Forest School:

A timetable has been sent out to all parents. Our sessions will start next Thursday (12/09/19) and then every other week. Please arrive at school dressed in your Forest School clothes with your school uniform with you to get changed if needed.


For further information about the topics we will be studying this year, please look in the parents section for 'curriculum topics'.


We look forward to a fabulous year ahead!

Mrs Roberts & Mr Price