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Caterpillar watch!

We have had a few very exciting members to our class this half term...some caterpillars! We are going to watch them grow over the next few weeks and hopefully transform into Painted Lady butterflies! Miss Roberts had originally planned for us to have them during our ‘In The Garden’ topic last half term, but was worried the butterflies would come out of their cocoons too late as the half term was only 4 weeks long (the process tends to take 4-5 weeks) and didn’t want us to miss the most exciting part during the half term break! We will keep you updated weekly.

Week 1

The caterpillars have already grown in the first week! The brown stuff at the bottom of the pot is their food. There is also something that looks a bit like a spider web in the pot; this is a good sign that the caterpillars are healthy.

Week 2

An unbelievable change in the caterpillars this week - they are huge! We think one of them is ready to go into it’s cocoon!

Week 3


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The caterpillars were all wrapped up in their cocoons when we came into class on Monday morning! Some were hanging and some were on the bottom of the pot; we were a bit worried about the ones at the bottom at first but they are fine. Miss Roberts has moved them into their butterfly habitat; it will take 1-2 weeks to see the changes that have been happening in the cocoons.
We were greeted by 3 butterflies on Monday morning with a fourth on its way out of its cocoon! By the end of the day we had 9 butterflies! We kept them in class for a day to observe and feed with a nectar mix, before releasing them on the field on Tuesday afternoon. It has been amazing to see the butterfly life cycle in action, and hope our little butterfly pals enjoy their life outside of our classroom!

Watch the butterfly coming out of its cocoon!

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