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Week 6 - 07/12/20 - Recognising Nouns

Week 5 30-11-20

Your homework tonight is to research the closing of the monasteries (if you have not done it as requested).

We would like you to do your own research about the monasteries and why they were closed. You will need to use the methods you were taught last term - finding key words, skimming and scanning, note taking etc.

You will need to include the 5 ws - what, who, where, when, why and also the how.

For information sheets and video clips look in the home learning section in topic and Tudors.

Please do this work on paper as you will need to bring it in tomorrow or Thursday to complete the task in class.

For those of you who have brought in this work you can concentrate on Readiwriter or research Tudor Christmas traditions.

Week 3 - 16-11-20 - Matilda Character Descriptions