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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Aut 2 Week 3 - WB 20th November

This Week's Star of the Week is...

This Week's Star of the Week is... 1

Congratulations to Rhian Baines for winning last week's 'new bandana for Pudsy' competition!


Anti-Bullying Week 

This week has been 'Anti-Bullying Week' in school. We have been looking at 'Sam's Story' and thinking about how we could help Sam who is being bullied. We have also created our own anti-bullying posters for our school competition, and have been thinking about how we can prevent bullying from happening in our school.



Answering comprehension questions about the story 'Whatever Next'.


Finding out about how we get day and night by using a torch and a blow up sun, earth and moon in the school hall. 

Sorting nocturnal and diurnal animals.

Looking at our shadows outside and thinking about why they move.

Forest Schools

Building animal shelters for nocturnal animals


Thinking about words we can use to describe different temperatures

Continuing with our work on subtraction and counting back.


Using basic actions of travel, jump and land, balance and stillness 


What will be we doing next week?

Role-playing a visit to space with 'Baby Bear' from the story of 'Whatever Next' in our 'Space Centre' and writing about our visits using adjectives. 

Discussing what we would take to space with us and why and writing about it.

Learning to name and order the days of the week in English and Welsh.

Learning to name the planets and some facts about them. 

Creating a passport from space using the 'Passport' app on the iPads.

Discussing the meaning of 'Advent'.

Creating artwork for our class Christmas displays.

Using basic actions of travel, jump and land, balance and stillness in PE. 

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