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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Additional health and well-being activities

Can you time how long you can brush your teeth for in the morning and at night? Remember it should be for around two minutes. Can you work out the number of minutes you brushed your teeth for? Now try seconds


Can you brush your teeth without a timer and stop when you think 2 minutes have passed? Someone could time you, were you right? Were you too fast or too slow?

A mood tracker helps you to record how you feel each day. Perhaps design your own mood tracker and complete it every day for as long as you want (a month is a good idea). This will help you to see how your feelings have changed over a period of time. It will also help you see that, even though you may have the occasional hard day, you also have good days!


Mood tracker

Can you think about what you eat and perhaps make a food diary of what you eat during the week? Perhaps look back and talk about what foods are healthy and not so healthy? Look at the food plate of what you should be eating and how much of it - would you change anything?

Can you find a nursery rhyme which lasts 20 seconds which you could wash your hands to instead of Happy Birthday? Can you use a timer or a stop watch to time yourself. 


Challenge - can you make up your own song to sing when washing your hands?

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