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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Week Beginning 27th November

Star of the Week - Friday 1st December - Keira 


Congratulations to Keira who is our star of the week with a massive 16 DoJos! Keira is so good as she is always so helpful to everyone around her. She is super at sharing and is kind to us all. Keira always tries her best and reads so much at home, making fabulous progress! 

Keira always makes us smile and laugh. Brilliant Keira, you're working so hard and Mrs Marten is thrilled to have you in her super class!

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This week we have started our week by exploring fire safety! Emma from fire and rescue came in to tell us all about ways to stay safe and what do do in the event of an emergency!

We have started to explore symmetry and have been exploring horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines, recapping our work on shape and exploring the lines of symmetry each shape has. 

We have looked at electricity sources with a focus on household appliances and we have researched how these appliances have changed over time. 

We are writing our letters to Santa this week and working out how much it will cost to post it using rulers and scales. Please remember to bring in a stamped address envelope this week.

We are making great progress with our performance Prickly Hay and now starting to act out the story without reading our lines - we are doing so well and getting into the Christmas spirit!


Hark the Herald Angels Sing with Lyrics | Christmas Carol & Song | Children Love to Sing

We are learning Hark the Herald Angels Sing carol in school!

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