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Term 3

Week beginning 20th May 2019


This week we are thinking about year three a little more and are transitioning from using DoJos to using DoJos and Dotty Discipline (our junior system)! We will be awarding DoJos for wonderful behaviour and work but using dots when we forget our school rules and classroom routines and equipment. 

In regard to Spellodrome, if you get 1000+ points in a week you will be awarded a DoJo and a MASSIVE smile from Mrs Marten! If you get between 500-999 points you will get a BIG smile. If you get less than 500 DoJos then unfortunately you will get a dot! This gradual change will prepare us for year three and as the children know that although there are consequences for dots (5 dots=1 detention) there will be exciting treats and activity afternoons in store for those children who organise themselves and remember our school rules! 


This week we are thinking about data again. We will be using our tally charts completed last week to create amazing, colourful bar charts! We are also recapping work on pictograms and halving and doubling numbers. 


In Welsh we are thinking about prepositions, o dan (under), yn (in), y flaen (in front), ty ol i (behind) and have been using minibeasts and plant pots to use these language patterns. 


In science we have been creating our own classification diagrams, sorting minibeasts under correct questions....these have been tricky! We have also created some of our own questions. We have continued to complete these on the website Hwb too!

In P.E we have been completing our sports day activities-we can't wait for you to watch us during the first week back!


In literacy we have been continuing our 'Curious Child' stories and we have also been identifying parts of non-fiction texts, e.g headings, titles, pictures, captions and bullet points.

Hula Hooping!

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Jesus You're My Superhero

Feel free to use this video in your children's ministry or whatever, but if you do, please leave a comment saying where you used it! Music rights go to Hillsong Kids.

Week Beginning 13th May 2019 = Forest schools on Wednesday but no clothes will be needed!


What a great week and the sun is shining! This week we are focusing on multiplication, mainly the x2 and x4. We have really impressed Mrs Marten by using the numicon and buttons with different number of holes to solve mathematical problems! Wow.


We have also been creating classification keys online, thinking of questions to ask to classify minibeasts!


We have enjoyed our PSE story about the 'Cautious Caterpillar' and have linked with our year three friends talking about similarities and differences between years 2 and 3 - we are excited now! Next week we will be using our information we have collected to create some super stories!


During outdoor learning we have been on a minibeast hunt and collected minibeast cards, recording them on a tally chart - this will be similar to this week's homework challenge. 


We have has a really special 'Jungle Book' treat this week for all of our hard work - we had an amazing time. We also ate a yummy cookie! We enjoyed our playtime on the junior yard too!!!



The Jungle Book

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Popular Christian gospel song, hymnal, Sing-along, good for community singing, choir, group singing, singing together at gatherings, fellowship, worship or parties, high definition video with beautiful graphic.

Week beginning 6th May 2019 - No forest schools this week.


This week is national testing week. We will be completing our assessments Tues/Wed/Thurs this week! Please see link below for more information! Please remind your child how proud we are of them and that they do NOT need to worry about them!


This week we have been looking at multiplication and focused on x2, x4, x5 and x10. We have also been solving problems thinking about patterns. Doubling and having is also something we have been focusing on, using our feet to identify halves and doubles of numbers!

We have really enjoyed our spot of Welsh guided reading this week and Mrs Marten is delighted with how many Welsh words the children can read. We have also become very creative in both the music and make and do areas, creating some wonderful musical pieces and head wearing things too!


Week beginning 29th April 2019 - Forest schools on Wednesday


What a great start to our summer term! Mrs Marten has been thrilled with all of the super postcards and it's clear to see what a busy Easter break everyone has had! 


We have been continuing our comprehension activities and also writing our holiday news remembering careful spellings, punctuation and handwriting!


This week we are beginning our new topic of minibeasts and have created some wonderful natural models of a variety of minibeasts, writings adjectives to describe them! We have also been sorting minibeasts into Venn diagrams, developing our number skills during our science activities!


In Maths we have been adding 10p's and 20p's to find totals and we have also been recapping our work on analogue and digital clocks.


We have had a wonderful time in the sunshine developing our running and balancing skills for our sports day next half term! It has been lovely to see strong encouragement across the year group!


Please remember to learn your lines in you have any for our assembly about 'celebrations' and send Mrs Marten a photograph of you celebrating something if you haven't already done so!



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