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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Term 2

Week beginning 14th January 2019

What a fabulous second week already (it's only Wednesday)! We have been busy continuing our work on partitioning in numeracy and have been adding two two-digit numbers, partitioning into tens and ones. In science we have been exploring electricity and finding out what objects are powered by - mains, battery or both. We have also been playing with toys and have been exploring what electricity can produce - sound, light, movement and heat! Why not explore the electricity safety game on the link below at home!

We have been continuing to learn our numbers to ten in French, next week we will be exploring colours in French too! Have a look at the French number videos below!


In language we have been working on the story of the storm, children have been very creative and become little actors, acting out the story amazingly well! They have also been sequencing and retelling the story.


In forest schools today we have been exploring how a variety of materials move in the wind (typically there wasn't any wind today)! We have also started to talk about how wind can produce electricity!

Numbers Song in French. Une Chanson des Chiffres.

It's a numbers song in French. Une chanson des chiffres pour les enfants. Written and performed by A.J. Jenkins. Copyright 2010 A.J.Jenkins/KidsTV123: All rights reserved. This is an ORIGINAL song written in 2010 - any copying is illegal.

French Lesson 17 - NUMBERS 1-10 - Learn French - The French Minute Learn in one minute the numbers from 1 to 10 in french. Apprenez en une minute les nombres de 1 à 10 en francais. French Numbers Song 1-10: Spanish Numbers Song 1-20: Spanish Numbers 1-10: Spanish Numbers 1-100:

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Week beginning 7th January 2019 - No forest schools


Happy New Year! We are looking forward to an exciting new year and exploring electricity this half term - be prepared for an electricity hunt around the home over the weekend! 

Before Christmas we had a chat about our assembly with the theme 'Hopes and Dreams' and some children have asked for lines to read for out play called the 'three trees'. Please remind your child that they do not have to memorise the lines, just be confident when reading them. Of course if they want to memorise them then that is fine. Our assembly will now be on Friday 25th January.

Please see the video of our the story our play is based on below. 

The Story of the Three Trees - HD

The 3 Trees - as told by "Once there were 3 trees that stood upon a mountain top, and dreamed of what they wanted to become..." A beautiful story about our plans vs God's plan, as told by For more Lent resources, visit the Xt3's Lent Calendar at

The children have settled back into life in year two very well this week after their two week Christmas break. They have been writing creative recounts of their Christmas news, using connectives and adjectives as well as independent thank you letters!

In R.E we have been thinking of prayer and have used our fingers to remind us of things to pray for in our lives.

In topic we have been thinking about what objects use electricity and what things don't and we have been asking ydy o'n/hi'n defnyffio trydan? (Does this use electricity) and answering using ydy/nac ydy (yes/no). We have also been thinking about all of the things we know about electricity and what we want to find out. 

In maths we have been thinking about partitioning and we have been breaking two and three digit numbers into hundreds, tens and ones, using numicon and place value arrow cards to help us!

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