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Welcome to Nursery

Harvest Week

Harvest Week 1

Week beginning 8/10/18 - Harvest


This week in Nursery we have been celebrating ‘Harvest’, we have been investigating lots of different vegetables in our learning areas, both indoors and outside.

On Monday we practised finding and putting on our coats, we were all super and made Mrs Hughes very proud.


This week Mrs Lacey has been helping us to ‘play and chose’ – ‘Dewis a chware’ inside the Nursery classroom. In the play dough we have been printing with potatoes, carrots broccoli and green beans. In the water and sand we have been sorting and counting our vegetables. With Mrs Hughes, we have been counting how many carrots we have got for Tom and Jerry to eat. In the block area / construction we have made a vegetable garden with a visiting hedgehog - Aila’s lovely idea.


During our outdoor time, we have been busy playing and choosing in all areas and Mrs Pritchard has been chatting to us about our favourite nursery toys and activities.

We have continued learning our Read, Write, Inc. sessions and this week our letter has been ‘a’. We are all very much enjoying our Read, write Inc. time,


On Monday we have our Forest school session; we have all decided to work in our Nursery garden. We will take some before and after photographs. Please wear warm / water proof clothing. No wellingtons are need for this week’s activity.

w/b 24th September - Look what we've been doing in Nursery this week...

w/b 24th September - Look what we've been doing in Nursery this week... 1
w/b 24th September - Look what we've been doing in Nursery this week... 2

Nursery 2018-2019


Welcome to Ewloe Green Nursery, our first week started with home visits, thank you for inviting us into your homes and starting our Nursery journey together.

This week we have started our staggered entry sessions, and what a lovely week we have had. After one or two tears at the door, we have all settled in happily and are quickly learning the Nursery routines and timetable.


Our Nursery day –


8.30-8.40 am/ 12.30-12.40pm – We take off our coats and pop them on coat pegs, next we sit on the rug and look at reading books together.


8.40 – 9am / 12.40 -1.00pm –We do the register; we have learnt to say ‘Yma’ (here) to answer to our name. Next, we count how many boys and girls are in Nursery today.


9-10am / 1-2pm – We have been playing and choosing inside the Nursery classroom. We are very proud of how well all the boys and girls have listened and played nicely with our nursery toys.


10-10.30am /2 pm – 2.30pm -Tidy up time. We ring the tidy up bell and everybody stops. We call it a super stop and we can all make a shape, we say “tidy up time – Amser tacluso” and we all tidy up our classroom, what a great job we are doing. Next we line up to go outside and we all count how many of us are going out to play. We have investigated the outdoor play area, played on the large play equipment, balance beam and the large building blocks.


10.30 -11.10 am /2.30 -3.10pm – We line up to come in and count how many are coming in (Mrs Hughes likes to count all the time!) Next, we wash our hands and sit around the rug ready for snack time. This week we have all been very good and tried the fruit and drinks offered to us. We all have lovely manners; the teachers have heard lots of “please and thank you.” After snack, we share a story and Nursery rhymes and songs. This week we have read Little red Riding hood, an information book about fruit and the 3 little pigs.


To end our day we put on our coats, we are all trying very hard to put on our own coats. Last of all we sit around the rug, say our prayer –“Mae’n amser mynd aderf” (It’s time to go home) and smile as Mrs Hughes opens the door. We wait until Mrs Hughes says our name and then walk out of Nursery.


Thank you for your continued help and support, it is very much appreciated.




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