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Literacy Homework

Apostrophe homework 04/12/18- Look at the snowy scene below. In your books write about what you can see. You must use at least three examples of apostrophes for possession. You could write about the trees, the footsteps or the children. e.g. The boy's sleigh was red. The moon's light...

27/11/18 Create a rhyming word bank.

Advert homework 20/11/18

Homophone homework 13/11/18

Christmas Truce Homework 06/11/18

Biography homework 23/10/18

Victorian school homework 16/10/18

Literacy homework 10/10/18  

Due in 16/10/18

For your homework this week, we would like you to design a poster encouraging people to  ‘Stop Throwing Litter’.

Keep in mind what impact throwing litter has on our environment.

What to include in the poster design:
 Poster to be created on A4 paper.
 Include a title or caption or logo.
 Borders around the poster are optional
 Create an eye catching poster (linked to the aim of STOP THROWING LITTER)
 Use the guidance documents below to give you ideas for your poster

Year 5 Literacy Homework 11/09/18

Year 5 Literacy Homework  4/9/18

For your homework this week we would like to learn a bit more about you all.


Please prepare a short oral presentation for Friday. Your presentation can be about

  • Yourself
  •  A hobby
  • Something that you have done over the Summer


It should last for no more than 2 minutes.

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