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Class 8

Homework Reminder

Language will be given on a Monday and is due in on Wednesday.

Maths is given on a Thursday and is due in on a Monday.

Thank you.



Well here we are approaching our last week.I can't believe how quickly this year has flown. The last day,Thursday, is the day when children can bring in board games of their choice or things to play with.No electronic devices please or anything expensive!If you could send in a plastic bag for your child to bring home their books, that would be a big help. Please note that their science,art  and handwriting books are going straight in to year four with them so don't expect those! See you all on Monday.smiley

Forest School activities

Forest School activities 1
Forest School activities 2
Forest School activities 3
Forest School activities 4
Forest School activities 5
Forest School activities 6
Forest School activities 7
Forest School activities 8
Forest School activities 9
Forest School activities 10
Forest School activities 11


Evening! I hope the dads liked their cards. The children insisted on doing their own this time with no input from me allowed! I managed to insist on a poem though :) 

Literacy Homework


This should be fun! The children can choose a topic they would like to talk about to present to the class. The topic is totally their choice. They do need to learn it though off by heart(as in no reading during presentation time)  but can show pictures or diagrams to illustrate it and help others understand why the topic is important to them. To be finished in 2 weeks time.Thanks.




Welcome back everybody!Lovely to see so many cheerful faces this morning smiley This week is emotional health and well-being week where we will be discussing our thoughts and pinpointing emotions both positive and negative that feed our emotional, mental and physical health.


Literacy Homework

Please take the week to fill in the food diary and return it next Monday 12th June.


Sports Day-6th June.

This Wednesday is sports day. The houses are Alwen, Brenig and Terrig. I will remind the children again tomorrow which house they are in and which colour that is.No worries!



Thursday 24th May

Maths Homework


This week is calculating the area.Length x width or simply count the squares.Due in after the half term break.


I've sent home most PE kits today and water bottles will be sent home tomorrow.If your child does not have a water bottle, please get one so all can stay hydrated in this hot weather.Thank you.

Monday 14th May


English homework

Please write a book review of the current book you are reading.Remember to include the title, author, a short synopsis and the main characters.Say whether you like/dislike the book and whether you would recommend it to a friend.


Spellodrome has been updated.Please ensure you have at least 1000 points or have been on the site for 30 minutes.



This week's PE days are Tuesday and Thursday due to our trip so please remember your kit tomorrow.


Our trip to Chester is on Wednesday.Please look for your email to confirm what the children will need to bring including a packed lunch and water.


 Finally well done to those who have completed the Romans homework.It's brilliant and i'm busy mounting it on the walls in our classroom.I love the ones who went the extra mile and did some mosaic art work.Gold Stars!!!!smiley




Tuesday 8th May

Hope you all enjoyed the lovely weather at the weekend.Last test in the morning.Please make sure you have an early night ready for the maths reasoning paper in the morning.There was a lot of yawning this morning!Thanks. Spellodrome will be updated next week seeing as we are having a 4 day week.smiley

Monday 30th April

English Homework


Well done to those who completed the homework about hedgehogs.There were some fantastic designs and carefully labelled diagrams :smiley) This week is to compete a project of your choosing on our current study of The Romans.Choose any aspect that interests you.Thank you.

ps the internet has been down in our class for a few days.I'll upload pictures when its fixed.Thank you.

Polite note:Please remember Spellodrome is homework and should be accessed at home as well as in class.Thank you.

Friday 27th April

Maths homework

We are practising past papers at the moment.Please complete this one given for homework.

Monday 23rd April


Evening all.Hope you enjoyed the sunshine over the weekend.Don't worry if you didn't send in forest school clothing today....I also forgot!It was nice and dry out there anyway so no one should be muddy :) We made two different types of shelters for hedgehogs.One as a human would make it, and one that was more of the kind a hedgehog would make for its family.This has sprung from our literacy focus on Dick King-Smith's book, 'The Hodgeheg'.Photos to follow....

Literacy Homework

Please design your ideal shelter for a hedgehog, using materials of your choice.The homework is stuck in the english homework book.Thank you.


Images from 'The Tempest'

Still image for this video
Video of the images from the performance of 'The Tempest'
The Flintshire Leader has our class and The Tempest coverage on page 3 no less!Grab a copy quick!Very proud teacher heart

Welcome back everyone!

It was lovely to see the children all bright eyed and smiling this morning.Some have had some amazing adventures!

Just a quick reminder to those involved.....The Tempest project is at Theatre Clwyd next Tuesday 17th at 2.30pm. The children will need to be dropped in Theatre Clwyd at 9am with snacks, water and a packed lunch for the day. The performance will take place in The Clwyd Room which is on the ground floor of the theatre. This project reflects the children's work entirely and is not a polished 'production'.Rather, it is a montage of dance, music, art, poetry and oracy. The children have thoroughly enjoyed being part of a whole school process in exploring The Tempest through these mediums.I hope you enjoy it.frown

Work with Russell Kirk artist in residence

Monday 19th March

We had a fantastic week last week working with the artist Russell Kirk. The children made moving props for The Tempest. They made seagulls, giant fish, printed on to t-shirts to name a few activities.All their work will be displayed in school after the performance on 17th April.

Literacy Homework

 This week is consolidating grammar skills and its usage within writing.When and where do we use commas,exclamation marks,capital letters etc.




The Tempest

Rehearsals are in full swing for this and the children in my class are doing an amazing job!I wrote an email last week saying that my class are all in the dance but a handful decided that they were too nervous for this.There are other important roles that your child can get involved with backstage that would be a big help to me if they would like to be there on the 23rd April but not 'upfront'. Stage management, carrying on props, script prompts to name a few.Please let me know at parents evening (or before) if this might be applicable to your child and I will try my best to find them a role.smileyAll the year 3 children will be working with an artist as of next week to make props for the performance.These will be displayed in school after the performance date of the 17th April.An email about costume is to follow shortly.Please be patient with this, there are 70 cast members.Thank you.I look forward to seeing you all next Monday/Tuesday.




Last swimming session tomorrow then it's back to P.E. on Wednesdays and Thursdays.Please check that your child has their PE kit in school as they can not take part unless they have the appropriate kit for health and safety reasons. Thank you.


Maths Homework

We have started looking at more complicated 3D shapes.Please complete the sheet by cutting out the shapes and gluing them into the homework book.


Finally, its forest school next week.Wellies please and don't forget the indoor shoes :) have a great weekend.


Language Homework


Please tell me your news from the half term break.You can write this as one piece or as shorter pieces written as a diary.Thank you.




Amazing Celtic project work is still coming in.The children who have done it have worked really hard!Special mention to the pupil who wrote theirs on stained paper to make it look old!!Brilliant!It is actually due in tomorrow, so apologies for the two different dates.Try and get it in before friday please if you're struggling.Thanks.


 The Tempest 

I'm very pleased that so many children in my class have taken interest in The Tempest project.I'm very excited about it!A couple of children have said to me today that they are nervous. I understand this but please encourage your child to go for it!Confidence will grow with practice and this is a fabulous opportunity to perform in a theatre space.The speaking parts are being chosen by a professional actor, not myself, but if your child does not secure a speaking part, there will be the opportunity to have another role that they are comfortable with i.e dance/music/setting and a whole host of other roles that are not so public but entirely vital! Thank you in advance for your support.Auditions take place weds afternoon.



No forest school tomorrow (Monday 5.2.18) 

29.1.18-Literacy homework


Please can the children research life as a Celt. They can choose 3 different aspects from homes, clothing, jewellery, food, weapons or religion.Or more if they like!I've asked the children to do it on paper so that as with the Patagonia work, I can display it in the classroom. Complete by next Monday 5th February. Thank you!



I have set the times tables so that children only have access to the times tables we are learning in class.By the end of year 3, they should know 2,5,10,3 &4. This includes not only the multiplication but also the division facts aswell i.e. 2x3=6  6÷2=3.Please make sure when your child logs on they only go on Garage or Arena-nothing else!!

TTrockstars is for fun-enjoy.The timer can be reset to 3 minutes if you click on the arrow to allow more time to answer the questions.


Maths Homework

Compact addition this time!We practised this method a lot this week in class and went over the questions that are on their homework, so hopefully not too many will be finding it difficult.Practise is the key!


Forest School

We had great fun on Monday building miniature roundhouses with sticks.The children found moss and leaves to make the roofs with, and packed the mud on to secure.They were brilliant!If you find any books on the Celts please send them in.The children are really enjoying learning about their ancestry.smiley





Maths homework-Column Subtraction-expanded method


We have been learning the expanded and compact method for addition and subtraction. There is an example on the sheet stuck in the homework book with the method to use that adheres to the school policy.The children have been doing lots of practice in school but please let me know if there's any problems, thank you.


Tomorrow is swimming.Last week the children were assessed by the staff at Connahs Quay and put in ability groups. Henceforth PE will be on a Wednesday and swimming replaces the PE session that was on a Thursday.Swimming is part our of PE curriculum and is very cardiovascular exercise as well as life-saving skill for life. I hope they continue to enjoy their sessions.smiley

Literacy homework

Copy out the text and add speech marks please.

Maths Homework-11.1.18

Please go on TT Rockstars this weekend to practice timestables. We are focusing on 2,5,10,3 and 4. Thank you.


Happy new year everybody!!Welcome back.I hope you all had a lovely break.The children have been telling me a lot about their adventures and what Father Christmas brought them smiley

We're studying the Celts this term and we have lots of different creative and exciting opportunities planned for them to learn about their cultural heritage. If you have any books at home and would like to send them in, they would be very welcome.


Literacy homework

Please access Spellodrome this week.Log ins are inside their reading records.Thank you.


Look out for an email about dance club starting next wednesday straight after school until 4pm!Boys, please come along-its Street Dance-you'll love it!





Merry Xmas Eve everyone!Thank you so much for the lovely gifts.I didn't get chance to see you all on the last day but here's a wish for a healthy, happy Christmas for you all.Its reaching fever pitch in the Wilcockson household!!!frownSee you next year xx

ps there is no homework for the holidays 


Please note, there is no literacy homework this week.Alternatively, you can access Spellodrome for homework as is usual.This week's lists have just been updated. Thank you.

If you can spare a torch for our shadow puppet project this week, we would be most grateful.Please label with your child's name and bring in tomorrow.(tues)


Evening all!Maths homework is times tables in various formats stuck in their books.

Don't forget its xmas jumper day tomorrow.£1 for Save the children.

Photos from last week to follow.Am delighted to say we made £40!!Amazing :)

There was no Literacy homework this week.





The competition is on!!Its entrepreneurial week!My goodness we've had a very busy day making our products.The children have been absolute stars so far.Ask your child what their job is.We are emulating a factory workplace with production line managers, quality control,sales teams, well-being officers,press release teams etc.The children have chosen which job they want to do and so far are carrying out those roles meticulously.Roll on Thursday when you will be able to see if our products are worth buying!If you would like to send your child in with an apron,please do.We are extremely short of these and some pupils have been quite liberal with the water, paint and glitter!


Maths Homework will be given out in the morning (tues)-due in Thursday please or as soon as you can. Money and counting money is this week's skill.

30-11-17 Maths Homework 

Tonight's homework is to be completed on the sheet. It is division/sharing. Children should check that the answer is smaller than the starting number.

It is due in on Monday 4 December.


27-11-17 Language Homework 

Tonight's homework should be completed in their books and involves punctuating the sentences. Homework is due in on Wednesday 29 November.



Hi Everyone.Maths homework is multiplying by 10 and 100.Please complete the sheet stuck in your maths book.Well done to those who have returned it already!


Please note there is no forest school on Monday (tomorrow) School uniform as usual.


We have begun our science topic on light.If any children have a small torch that they could bring in to school, labelled with their name on, this would be most helpful. Thankyou. See you all tomorrow!


Forest school Den building

Forest school Den building 1
Forest school Den building 2
Forest school Den building 3
Forest school Den building 4
Forest school Den building 5
Forest school Den building 6
Forest school Den building 7
Forest school Den building 8
Forest school Den building 9
Forest school Den building 10
Forest school Den building 11
Forest school Den building 12
Forest school Den building 13
Forest school Den building 14
Forest school Den building 15
Forest school Den building 16
Forest school Den building 17
Forest school Den building 18

Forest school art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy

Forest school art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy 1
Forest school art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy 2
Forest school art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy 3
Forest school art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy 4
Forest school art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy 5
Forest school art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy 6

Fireworks art

Fireworks art 1
Fireworks art 2
Fireworks art 3
Fireworks art 4
Fireworks art 5

Forest school Rangoli patterns

Forest school Rangoli patterns 1
Forest school Rangoli patterns 2
Forest school Rangoli patterns 3
Forest school Rangoli patterns 4
Forest school Rangoli patterns 5
Forest school Rangoli patterns 6
Forest school Rangoli patterns 7
Forest school Rangoli patterns 8
Forest school Rangoli patterns 9
Forest school Rangoli patterns 10
Forest school Rangoli patterns 11
Forest school Rangoli patterns 12
Forest school Rangoli patterns 13


Evening!Literacy homework is a word search already stuck in to their books.This week is Anti-bullying week.We have had a meaningful discussion this afternoon about what bullying is and what it is not.If you have any stories around this theme, please do bring them in.Thankyou.Am uploading photos now.


Huge apologies everyone for the late update. It's been a very busy, creative week! We've had Forest school, Parliament week, Diwali and Children in Need alongside our regular lessons.The children have been superb! Winners of the Children in need competitions will be announced in Enrichment on Monday 20th November where they will receive their prizes.Well done to all for some beautiful designs for Pudsey bear's new bandana. You made it very difficult to choose a winner!

Special mention to Kobi and Penny for their outstanding representation of class 8 during Mark Tami's visit,our local MP. He was very impressed with their searching, thoughtful questions smiley as was I. Well done you two!


In forest school, we chalked Rangoli patterns on to the path outside.They were very pretty!Photos of the week to follow.Thanks!



Maths Homework from Friday 17.11.17

Complete a symmetrical pattern on to the butterfly-your choice.Enjoy!

Language homework-13.11.17

This week's homework is to write an owl fact file.You could include appearance, habitat, diet, habits etc in your descriptions.We are reading, 'The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark' by Jill Tomlinson. Plop is a barn owl but you can choose what type of owl you would like to do.Due in Thursday please. 

Maths Homework-9.11.17


We have been doubling and halving numbers this week.There is a sheet to look out for in the maths homework book to consolidate skills learnt.Due in Monday, thanks.


Forest School-13.11.17 smiley


Please can all children bring in wellies in a bag or at least a change of footwear so that we don't tread the outside mud inside!Thank you.


A polite reminder that all children need to have a water bottle in school please. I have been providing water to those that are thirsty in the afternoons but it would be more convenient if they had their own bottle that can be stored in class and taken home on a Friday for cleaning. Thank you.


Evening all!It was lovely to hear all the children's news from half term.Well done to those children that made it into the Leader in costume!Awesome.A big thank you to the very kind children that brought me an unexpected gift today.I was delighted!Another busy week ahead with the theatre trip on Thursday pm in Manchester.Please check your emails for travelling arrangements and timings.


English Homework

This week's grammar focus is on pronouns i.e he, she, they,it, you,my etc.This sheet should be stuck inside their homework book already.Please let us know if any have been lost in transit. Thankyou.



Literacy Homework

Please can the children write a book review for Esio Trot. Please include what you liked and disliked about the book, whether you would recommend it to other children and whether you would like to read other books by this author.Due in on Thursday this week.Wherever possible, homework notices will be put on in the morning.Thank you.


Evening everyone!Another very busy week nearly done.Nearly all the Patagonia homework is in and I have to say, its a very high standard.Well done!

Maths Homework

We have been focusing on 2d shapes this week and we have introduced the children to some new vocabulary.I'll give a merit to any pupil who can say and spell the word 'quadrilateral!'.Here's the homework for this week......

Go on a shape hunt around the house and draw the household objects that you have found in your homework book.Look for quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons,octogons, (heptagons, 7 sides and decagons if you're feeling really clever!) right angled triangles,equilateral triangles and parallelograms. Have fun!

17.10.17 Evening everyone. Ophelia knocked my internet out and the school wifi was also offline today.All is normal again so the spelling lists have been updated on Spellodrome. Well done to all those who have been practising.Have a look at the PDF to see how we use Spellodrome in school.


There's website maintenance taking place over the weekend so I won't be able to update the site on Sunday night with the new spelling list.I'll do this on Monday 23rd.

Monday is a busy day!Its Forest school and parents evening.We are looking at the environmental artist, Andy Goldsworthy and recreating art in his style with natural materials.Have a look at his work on the internet, its fantastic.If you are out and about over the weekend, please collect twigs, pebbles, leaves, conkers, pine cones or flowers that are lying about to bring into school.Don't forget the waterproofs!smileyThanks.


Spellodrome through KS2


Hi Everyone.I can't believe how quickly the week has flown and that it's Friday tomorrow!The children have been working really hard this week and have produced some excellent work in class. frown

I've had half of the maths homework books in from last week.Quite a few were missing.I'll mark both pieces when I have all the books in so I know where I am.The homework is a consolidation of the week's skills and can be done independently. Thanks for your on-going support with this.

FYI there's a Spellodrome session after school next Thursday for parents.Please email school if you'd like to attend.


Well done to those children that have completed their homework on Patagonia already.I'm very impressed with the time and effort you have put in!It doesn't need to be completed until the 18th so don't worry if you haven't started yet.It can be done in the English homework book or on paper.I'll leave that up to you.smiley



Due to a technical hitch some children have had access to rather a lot of words!!Apologies!I have hidden those now other than the ones they are supposed to be working on.The previous week's list will disappear at some point but I have a record of those spelt correctly and those that need to be worked on. If you would like to have your child's spelling log to practice with pen and paper as well, just send a message and I will pop it in their bags for them.Please be patient while we get this program up and running,we're still learning. Thankyou.


Forest school on Monday :) please bring your wellies in a plastic bag and don't forget the waterproof coat.We will be out in the drizzle too!Thanks.

3.10.17 Hi everyone.The children received their log ins for TT Rockstars, times table practice today and it is stuck inside their reading record. They were very excited to try it out in the e-learning plaza this morning smiley They will also receive their Spellodrome usernames and passwords tomorrow and these will also be in their reading logs. You can practice away at home as much as you like and I will be able to see how each child is progressing. These are fun ways to help your child learn at home. Please access through 'Google Chrome'. Any problems, let me know.Many thanks.


There is an exciting science competition available for the children to enter if they would like to.

Details can be found on

Closing date is Friday 6th October.

2.10.17 Evening everyone!This week's literacy homework is to develop a character profile for a tortoise.Top Tip:have a look at the story of 'The tortoise and the hare' from Aesop's fables.You can write it on paper and bring it in to school by Thursday(an extra day to do it) ready for story writing.The profile should include:name, description,likes/dislikes, personality and qualities. They could even have a super power. Be imaginative and have fun! Thankyou.

Maths homework from last week was to learn the 2 times table.The photocopier was out of action on Friday but there should be written homework this week :) 

Well done to all the children for explaining what their 'world dress up day' costume was last week and which country they were representing.Photos to follow on some of the wonderful work produced on the rainforest and its animals.

Croeso i Dosbarth 8

Welcome to Class 8

Please can children who require inhalers or glasses ensure they are brought in to school.Inhalers need to be left in class so they can be taken if and when they are needed. Diolch! Thanks :)


Forest School 25.9.17.We had great fun identifying our local trees,making leaf pictures and crowns :)

Forest School 25.9.17.We had great fun identifying our local trees,making leaf pictures and crowns :) 1
Forest School 25.9.17.We had great fun identifying our local trees,making leaf pictures and crowns :) 2
Forest School 25.9.17.We had great fun identifying our local trees,making leaf pictures and crowns :) 3
Forest School 25.9.17.We had great fun identifying our local trees,making leaf pictures and crowns :) 4
Forest School 25.9.17.We had great fun identifying our local trees,making leaf pictures and crowns :) 5
Forest School 25.9.17.We had great fun identifying our local trees,making leaf pictures and crowns :) 6
Forest School 25.9.17.We had great fun identifying our local trees,making leaf pictures and crowns :) 7
Forest School 25.9.17.We had great fun identifying our local trees,making leaf pictures and crowns :) 8
Forest School 25.9.17.We had great fun identifying our local trees,making leaf pictures and crowns :) 9
Forest School 25.9.17.We had great fun identifying our local trees,making leaf pictures and crowns :) 10
Forest School 25.9.17.We had great fun identifying our local trees,making leaf pictures and crowns :) 11
Forest School 25.9.17.We had great fun identifying our local trees,making leaf pictures and crowns :) 12
Forest School 25.9.17.We had great fun identifying our local trees,making leaf pictures and crowns :) 13

Welcome to the juniors. Just a few things that you need to know about being in Year 3.


school bag, a small rucksack or similar to carry books, lunch boxes and pencil case;

P.E. bag drawstring type with P.E. kit and trainers;

pencil case, lead pencils for writing, coloured pencils, small ruler, eraser, pencil sharpener;


P.E. days are on Wednesday and Thursday.

Long hair needs to be tied back, please.

Earrings should be taken out or covered with plasters, thank you.



Language will be given on a Monday and is due in on Wednesday.

Maths is given on a Thursday and is due in on a Monday.

Spellings are given on Fridays.


Times tables are ongoing and we are starting with 2s. The children will need to be able to say them in order, know them out of sequence and know the division facts.

Reading is ongoing and at least 3 times a week, please.


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  • 01244 532569