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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Class 4

⭐️Welcome to Class 4!⭐️

Look at how busy we have all been in our class! Miss Lincoln is very proud of our little stars!

Thank you for completing their mask homework! They all looked amazing on display and the children have enjoyed using them in their work last week! 


Here's what some of class 4 thought of their friends masks:


I liked Blake's mask because his trunk looked like it was real. - Isaac W


I liked Blakes too because I liked the eyes, and the ears and the tusks because they looked real. - Jac


I liked Masie's and Emily's becasue they added lots of sparkly things like glitter, sequins and gems! - Gemma


I liked Kyle's because I liked how he did the sharp teeth, he coloured it in nicely and I like how he did the slithery tongue. - Joseph


I liked Amelia's because it was really colourful. - Molly


I liked Olivia's becasue when you blow through the straw the trunk moves. - Florence


I liked Mia's becasue she added decoration to the straw too. - Aanya


I liked Issac's becasue I liked the big tusks. -Max



Picture 1


We are very lucky in our school to have such talented children. Our girls in Year 1 have been busy writing lots of songs! They have composed these all by them self! 
As many of you will know KS2 have a "Ewloe's got tallent" competition each year! Mrs Dyas was so impressed with our Year 1 girls that she let them enter the competition even though they are in Foundation Phase and not KS2! 

The children worked so hard and a video was created by one of our Year 6 children featuring our girls! 
I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we have!

Little pop stars

Still image for this video

⭐️Our star of the week is Maisie!⭐️

Masie has been extra, extra polite this week and has worked really hard in the group activities!

She has been useing the Welsh word of the week in daily school conversations too, even without being prompted! Keep up the super work Maisie Moo! ⭐️

Picture 1


What a busy, busy week! This week has been our Expressive Arts themed week! The children have enjoyed making African drums, playing and creating their own rhythms completing a big art attack picture as a group and...taking part in drama activities such as hot seating and freeze frames! 

We have all had so much FUN! 


I hope you enjoy looking through this weeks wonderful pictures!!!


We have been very busy doing pointillism. - Oliver R

We have been painting a cheetah using pointillism. Florence

We watched a video showing us pointalism. The man painted a robot. Emily

After the video we drew our cheetah using  pencils. Amelia

Then we used pointalism to colour in the cheetah with paint and cotton buds. Blake

I would prefer to use cotton buds instead of paintbrushes. - Lucy

It was a bit tricky because it was hard to get the yellow bits in the right place. Kyle

It was fun doing pointallism. Molly


Miss Lincoln thought the children worked really hard on their art work and I cant wait to see what else they paint using this technique. 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13

⭐️Our star of the week is OLIVER R⭐️

Da iawn Oliver! You have worked so hard this week in all the activities! During maths you read the different problems and thought about how best to answer them! You could re-tell events from our focus story 'The leopards drum' and you worked hard to help find out which layer of the rainforest the different animals live in!! Wow! What a superstar you have been this week! 👍

Picture 1


WOW! Class 4 made Miss Lincoln so proud in their assembly! They all remembered their lines, songs, and moves and spoke with a clear, loud voice! They really have worked so hard on their final assembly! Da iawn all of you!! 

Thank you for helping the children learn their lines at home! Miss Lincoln can't believe that's our last assembly together! I'm going to miss their fantastic performance skills! 




Picture 1


The children had lots of fun making moving giraffes to go up on our display with our lions! It certainly brightens up the corridor! Well done Year 1! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


⭐️ Our star of the week is Florence⭐️

Well done Flo! You have been super this week and have enjoyed telling the time and writing Welsh sentences about what you can see and hear in the zoo! Keep being a super star and making Miss Lincoln smile! 

Picture 1


What an amazing day at the zoo! The children were an absolute pleasure to take today! They were on their best behaviour and were so thankful, respectful and kind to everyone we met! 

We were so lucky to see lots of animals out and about and thoroughly enjoyed our talk about 'Animal Life Processes'.


I am so sad that this is our last school trip together as a class BUT it was defiantly the best and lots of the children agreed 😂👍🐯🦁🦇! 


I'm sorry I forgot to hand the zoo passes out at the end of the day! I shall give them out tomorrow 👍! 


Enjoy looking at the pictures and telling your Mums, Dads, Nannies and Grandads all about your exciting day! 


See you all tomorrow! 😘


There is NO forest school (22.6.17)



We have been busy so far this week getting ready for tomorrow school trip! We have ordered the different times we will see each animal, explored the symbols on the Chester zoo map using the key, programmed 'BeeBot' to make him travel to the different animal enclosures, located animals using co-ordinates AND started our amazing lion art pictures!!! 


Phew! I think we will all enjoy tomorrow's school trip and relaxing day after working so hard in school! 


See you all tomorrow! 🦁🐯🐵🦇

⭐️Our star of the week is Emily!⭐️

Da iawn Emily - and on your birthday too! You had a very busy week and have worked incredibly hard with your work! Keep being as busy as a bee!!🐝


I hope all of our lovely children remembered to give their Daddy their special Father's Day cards and have been extra loving today! 


See you all tomorrow class 4! 👍

Picture 1


In P.E, as it was such a lovely day, we headed out to use the field! The children had lots of fun playing 'sheep tag' and then practising throwing and catching skills using the large balls and the smaller balls! At the end of the session we had a challenge: the children were split into two groups and had to pass the ball around the circle without dropping it. Each time they passed the ball they won 5 points! The first team to 100 won! They all loved the game and couldn't wait to see which team would win! 

Hopefully tomorrow will bring more sunshine so we can head outside to explore our outdoor challenge areas! 

⭐️Our star of the week is Harrison!⭐️

Da iawn for working so hard this week Harrison! You have made a great start finding out about different animals and have worked incredibly hard on all the challenges this week! 

Picture 1


This week we have been finding out more and more about animals! 

The children have played 'Guess the animals' from some of the clues Miss Lincoln had given them! They had so much fun that they wanted to create their own riddles! 


Today, Mr Bounce's group were busy bees, researching on the IPads to find information about the animal they wanted to write their riddle about! 


They came up with lots of super clues and we all had fun guessing the animal at the end of the session! 



Well today was a little bit of a strange day as instead of having my wonderful class full of children they were replaced with animals - still wonderful may I add 😂🙈!


As always I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your continued support, not just of our little children but also your support of the children in Zimbabwe! We often forget just how lucky we are and all your kind donations really do make such a difference! 


Seeing their little faces in their costumes made Miss Lincoln smile all day! They certainly look awesome in the Jungle role play area - at times I had to look twice to check there wasn't real elephants in there!! 


🌲 Forest school tomorrow!! 🌲


A great start already to our first week back! The children are enjoying out Jungle theme and have been busy helping Mrs Selby to prepare our role play area! It's lovely for the children to have the opportunity to have their own influence over the classroom and have come up with super ideas! I will have to post a finished picture at the end on the week! 


They have also been busy in the small world area creating their own enclosures for the animals and in the phonics area matching the lower and uppercase letters! 


I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!! 


I hope all of my little munchkins have had a wonderful week off! Can you believe that we only have 7 weeks left before they move up to Year 2!?

We have an exciting few weeks ahead of us with our final topic of year 1 'Rumble in the Jungle', our visit to the zoo and our last class assembly! 


We will have to make sure we enjoy every day and make the most of our last weeks together! 


I have uploaded our assembly song which we will begin to learn this week, it's a great song with an important message! 

I hope the children enjoy learning it and singing it 😊🌞!


See you tomorrow Class 4! 



🌞What a beautiful day for our last day of term! The children had such a lovely day finishing off our topic tasks and exploring the outdoor provision areas! 


We we were so lucky as Mrs Dyas bought us all an ice-lolly!! Diolch yn fawr Mrs Dyas! 😊


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

This week the children entered a healthy dinner plate competition where they had to design a healthy meal! Class 4s winner was Lucy! Well done Lucy!! 


Picture 1

To finish off our growing topic we re-created Van Gogh's sunflowers and chose which medium we would like to use! The options were:

oil pastles, felt tips, crayons and charcole! The children worked very hard and the results are beautiful! 

Picture 1

⭐️Our star of the week this week is Gemma!⭐️

Gemma has been a busy bee this week thinking hard about the different food groups and calculating fractions of KM! Can you believe that Gemma could tell me that as 4 laps of the field was 1KM then 2 laps is half a KM and 1 lap is 1/4 KM!

we have some clever stars in Year 1! Da iawn Gemma - keep being brilliant! 

Picture 1



Wow! The children today were so brilliant! They all took part in the races and throwing competition with enthusiasm and excitment! 

Miss Lincoln is very proud at how they all worked copetativly against each other but also with lots of respect towards each other - congratulating the winners! 


Da iawn class 4! Super as always 😊👍! 


Picture 1

Not it only did they work hard during their sports races they also were very busy bees in class completing the Welsh challenge and creating their fruit kebabs! 




What a busy day the children had today!


Mr Tickles group were busy completing the challenges and they made some super collages on the IPads by using the masks and writing the feeling in Welsh! 


Mr Jellys group had fun making their fruit kebabs! 


Mr Bounces group we're busy sorting things that are safe to touch and things that they should: 'DONT TOUCH TELL!'



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15


Wow! What a start to our wonderful Health and Welbeing week! We started today with our 1km walk (we are going to try to do this everyday!) 

Then one group made their yummy fruit kebabs! Thank you for sending in such a variety of fruit! The kebabs they made today looks very tastey and the children created some great repeating patterns! The cheeky monkeys ate them before I managed to take a picture 😂🙈! 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Before lunch we did a practice run for Wednesday sports day and then after play we had our wake up shake up where we all joined in a fitness session for 5 minutes! 

Then this afternoon the children had lots of fun with Miss Roberts completing a Class 4 dance routine! 


Phew! I hope they sleep well tonight ready for tomorrow's fun!! 👍

Picture 1
⭐️ Our star of the week is Joseph! Joseph has been extra good at listening this week! He has worked so hard at his activities and tried to be extra independent! Well done for completing a super book review, a wonderful shape giant and for explaining what happened during our science experiment!! ⭐️
Picture 1


What a very busy and excitable day today was! The children couldn't wait for the school fair from the moment they came into class!! We had two winners for the Cup Competition - Oliver R and Isabella! 

A big well done to the both of them and to everyone else! The cups looked amazing! Thank you as always for all the effort you put in! We really are so lucky to have such supportive parents!

Picture 1

During the day Amelia and Lucy created some lovely flowers and Miss Lincoln was lucky enough to be able to wear Lucy's flower in my hair during the fair! Thank you Lucy! 

Picture 1
Picture 2

The fair itself was wonderful! There were so many fantastic stalls and rides! We had lots of mums from our class helping to set up and man the stalls too which made such a difference - thank you again! I can't wait to find out how much we have raised for our school!


Please remember next week is our Health and Wellbeing week and one of our activities will be to make fruit kebabs. I can't wait to see what weird and wonderful fruits the children bring in to share with the rest of their group! 



Lots of fun was had today in forest school! We had a game of 'scatter' and then the children were split into groups to make either: A flower, a castle or a giant! 


Can you work out what each group made? 


There was lots of super teamwork happening today! 🌲


DON'T FORGET : Tomorrow it is our school fair! (Their cups that came in this morning look amazing! We have very creative mums, dads, sisters, nannies and grandads!) 


Today we have had a morning full of shape! We recapped the difference between 2D and 3D shapes and then had fun remembering the names of them including some of the trickier shapes: pentagon / hexagon and octagon! 


The children came up with different ways to sort the shapes and completed a shape tally! They also created their own shape giant and then named the different body shapes! 

This afternoon was a busy afternoon practising for sports day next week!


Afterwards we had a circle time where we thought about the importance of being kind! We passed around a very happy apple and said kind things to it. Then we passed around a sad apple and we all said mean things. Afterwards we peeled the apples to see how they felt inside! The happy apple looked bright and clean but the sad apple was brown and bruised.

We all felt very mean so we said sorry to see if it helped! The sad apple smiled on the outside but inside he stayed bruised. 


⭐️ Miss Lincoln was so proud to come back to school and hear how super the children have been working! Miss Stacey said that Oliver and Isaac worked very hard for her and were very polite and kind! Class 4 always make me so very proud! Well done! ⭐️
Picture 1
Picture 2

The children have had a busy day today doing lots of science activities! 

With Miss Lincoln they evaluated their experiment growing cress!


We found out that cress needs light and water for it to grow tall and to be green! 🍀

The cress in the dark that had water grew tall as it was searching for the light but it was yellow because it had no sun! 🌞

The cress that had no water but sunlight started to grow but quickly died as it had no water! 💧


The children all all loved the experiment and have learnt lots about what plants need to grow! 


With Mrs Selby, the children headed outside to take photos of plants in our school grounds! They then used PicCollage to label the different parts of the plant! 




⭐️Our star of the week is Isabella!⭐️

Mrs Selby told me you worked really hard the last few days and have been extra kind to your friends! Well done Izzy! Keep up the good work! 

Picture 1


As sports day is getting closer we went outside for our P.E session and practiced our under-arm throwing! 

To add a little maths we enjoyed measuring how far the furthest beanbag went using meter sticks! Joseph managed to throw his beanbag 11m 53cm! Wow! 


I know it's not our slot but we do have forest school tomorrow! Please do send the children's forest school clothes in tomorrow! 🌲 Thank you as always! 

We have also had an exciting day welcoming some new additions to our school! 3 little chicks have hatched so far today! I wonder how many will make an appearance tomorrow? 🐥🐣🐤

Picture 1


This afternoon during Welsh we learnt how to say 'big' - mawr and 'small' - bach! We found objects around the class and sorted them into two sets! 

The children then enjoyed finding things that were too big and pointing to them saying 'Mae hwn yn fawr!' 

As class 4 are cleaver clogs they noticed that in a sentence the first letter for mawr and bach had changed! What little linguists we have in Ewloe Green! 


🌲We will have forest school this Thursday!🌲


What a great start to our new growing topic! 🌲

The girls enjoyed exploring our class garden and pretended to plant their own flowers! 


Olivia and Oliver experimented with the beans in the water and tried to find out which float and sink! They then used the sieve to collect the beans.


Emily and Kyle we're finding how many words they can make out of the word 'beanstalk'!


Florence and Lucy enjoyed re-enacting the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk' in the small world area! 


Gemma and Maisie were busy ordering the leaves by counting up in 2s! 


Miss Lincoln said they had all been busy!! 

I wonder what challenges they will choose tomorrow?! 🤗





⭐️Well done to our star of the week Aanya!⭐️

Anaya is always so kind and helpful! She works well with her friends and others in the class and Miss Lincoln can always trust her to do extra, important jobs! Keep being brilliant Aanya! 

Picture 1

Our forest school morning was so much fun! We all enjoyed looking at each other's different pots and resources for our Easter gardens!

Thank you so much for supplying all the wonderful items!

The children thought about their designs and planned out the positions carefully!

They enjoyed looking at each other's and saying what they liked! 

Trying to remind the children that they didn't quite need to use everything on their pots was the trickiest part but some did take this in board 😂!

The finished pots looked great and it was lovely to help the children think about the easter story in a slightly different approach! 

Thank you again for being such supportive parents! I can't tell you enough what a wonderful difference it makes to your children! They are so lucky to have you all as their mummies and daddies! 

Well we had a rather small class today with our cheerleaders out winning trophies! Well done girls! 

Even though we were 9 children down...we had some busy, busy bees!! 
The yellow group wrote amazing sentences about our picture prompt! 

The red and blue group heard the resurrection story and then made a moving picture of Jesus coming out of the tomb! 
🌲Tomorrow is forest school! A big thank you to Amelia's mummy who has donated the money for 3 large bags of compost! Miss Lincoln picked them up this evening after school so please don't worry about the children bringing soil in for their easter gardens tomorrow! 🌲

Today the children had lots of fun making lightening bolts, superhero capes and superhero masks for the play dough mats! 


When asked what they would be learning today they came up with some super ideas including :

We are learning to make things out of play dough!
We will be learning to read the play dough mats.
We will have to know what we are reading and do the instructions! 


I'm so very proud of how the children think about each learning opportunity and what skills they will need to complete them! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Harrison and Oliver enjoyed making a tunnel for the villain to hide in! They decided the sand was too dry to construct it safely so they added a little water! Great problem solving skills boys! 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

⭐️This week out star of the week is Owen!⭐️

Owen has been trying very hard with his reading and is always eager to do new challenges! Speed has been Owen's target this week and I can happily say he has been as fast as a cheetah this week!! Keep up the super fast work Owen!! 

Picture 1
Well done and thank you for all the fantastic 'reading in a strange place' pictures! They made all the teachers laugh lots this week! Year 1 had the most entries out of all the year groups! How fantastic is Year 1 and all our mummies and daddies! So a big thank you again! 
The winner from Year 1 was Maisie (Class 4) with her picture reading on a roundabout! 🤗👍
Picture 1
We have another competition next week with a chance to win an Easter egg!! 
We are asking the children to write their own easter poem! 
Poems need to be in by Wednesday 5th April! 
Winners will be announced on Friday 7th and prizes given out ready for the Easter holidays!!

This afternoons P.E session was such a giggle! The children were so funny and it's just wonderful to see them all laughing and enthused during an activity. 


The children became superheroes and villains during a warm up game, and then they had to carry kryptonite to the superhero safety area! 

They worked on their team skills as they had to work together! As always Miss Lincoln was very proud of how hard they worked and their perseverance! 


Apologies for being so late out today but we have been extra busy this afternoon! 


We all got involved in writing a group email to the Cathedral in St Asaph which we visited a few weeks back on our school trip! The children had lots of fun thinking of different things they wanted to say and loved learning how to attach pictures and how to teach the computer new words so that the squiggly red line doesn't keep appearing! 

This week we are also focusing on recycling and how we can be recycling superheroes! We listened to a great recycling song and this helped us to begin our topic afternoon session! 

Red group worked with Miss Lincoln and designed some fantastic recycling superheroes on old bits of newspaper! - We love to reuse and recycle! 

Gemma and Aanya were busy sorting the different objects into the correct recycling bins! 

Blue group we're also thinking about what different items are made of and sorting them into paper/plastic and glass! 


I hope everyone is recycling at home too! 

Today was the first day of our special literacy week! 

We have been very lucky as we met a real author today who read her brand new book to us before she sent it to be published!

We all thought it was brilliant and enjoyed having the chance to draw pictures of what we thought the characters in her book might look like!


We were also told about this weeks special literacy competition: to take a photo of you reading in the most unusual place possible! 

The children came up with some great ideas today so I can't wait to see the pictures! 
Please bring them in by Wednesday with the child's name and class on the back! 

⭐️ Well done to Lucy for getting star of the week!⭐️

Well little Lucy, even though Miss Lincoln hasn't been in this week I have heard that you have been very helpful for the other teachers and that you have been on your best behaviour! I'm so proud of you! 


I have missed everyone lots and lots and can't wait to see you all tomorrow and find out what you have all been up to! 



Picture 1

⭐️Well done to our star of the week Kyle!⭐️

Each week Kyle works hard to complete the activities given to him. His reading has improved tremendously and it's been lovely to see Kyle settle in and grow! Keep up the good work Kyle!!   

Picture 1


More super teddy capes and some superhero parachute experiments! 

The children have been so excited to make their superhero capes for their teddies and today one group had the chance!! They couldn't wait to show their mums and dads so I let them bring them home today as a special treat! They used their designs and measurements and I think they turned out brilliantly! What do you think? 
Maisie and Aanya made Miss Lincoln a special Supertato to guard the evil peas in my freezer! I couldn't wait to take him home and pop him in the freezer! Doesn't he look great! 
Picture 1
Olivia and Florence were also very proud of their Supertato! 
Picture 1
The sun was shining today so we all enjoyed going outside for our P.E session! We took out the hoops, beanbags and balls and had fun creating our own games and competitions! 


School Trip Day!!

Wow! What a very busy day! The children have been non-stop all day and have been on their best behaviour! 


When we arrived at the cathedral the children's gasps, 'wows' and 'wooahs' were heartwarming! Offering children awe inspiring activities isn't always possible but  today's visit defiantly gave them that opportunity. 

The children have had the opportunity to find out about William Morgan, Stain glass windows, vestibules and saints! 
They had the opportunity to see the Bible William Morgan translated and there are only 8 in the U.K.! 
They also had an organ workshop and played bell plates! 

In the afternoon the children had an eye spy worksheet to complete and then we processed through the church! 

I told you we had been busy! They honestly haven't stopped and have all taken is so much information!  

I hope you enjoy telling mums and dads all about today's trip and have a great sleep tonight class 4!! 

Organ 1

Still image for this video

Organ 2

Still image for this video

Bell plates

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Today we had lots of fun dressed up as our favourite book characters! It was lovely to hear all about the children's favourite tales! 


The teachers had lots of fun too and dressed up as the super vegetables / fruit from the story Supertato! 


We are using this story as our theme this week and have had lots of fun creating our own Supertato in the make it area and re-enacting the story with the vegetables! 

We also did some vegetable printing and the boys created a superhero headquarters! 


Picture 1

Supertato story - group 1

Still image for this video

⭐️The star of the week goes to Mia!⭐️

Mia has been a busy bee this week and has worked incredibly hard during her challenge tasks!

Mia has tried hard with her handwriting this week and has remembered lots of historical facts!  

Picture 1


Miss Lincoln's heart always gets a cuddle when she hears comments from the children showing just how much they enjoyed an activity...

Today's comment was from Blake 'That was the best forest school ever!!!' 😍🤗👍


Today in forest school the children became Spidermen / Spiderwomen! We created our own spider web course by practising our fine motor skills - tying knots! 

Then afterwards (very carefully) we travelled under and over the string until we made it out safely! It was a very exciting afternoon! 



Spider web course

Still image for this video


We have been busy looking at a concept cartoon today to help us think about how we will act in the Cathedral next week on our school trip! A concept cartoon gives us different opinions about a subject and then we discuss which one we we agree with the most and say why. 

We have also enjoyed talking about RESPECT and the children loved watching a Utube song all about how we can be respectful! 





Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Today we had lots of fun in P.E completing obstacle courses! We used the benches,mats and bars to practice our jumping, balancing and climbing!
We have some great gymnasts in our class!

We also became human tally charts in our warm up to help re-enforce our data work last week!


The girls also enjoyed their first cheerleading club at lunch and the boys had their football trials! 

A very sporty day! 


🌲 Please remember it is forest school this week (Thursday 9th March).🌲

⭐️ Our star of the week is Oliver!⭐️

Oliver has tried really hard this week to sit on the carpet quietly, answer questions by putting his had up and has been extra helpful! Oliver always enjoys  making lots of fantastic models in the 'Make it area' and this week his Welsh dragon was just brilliant! Well done for working really hard and having such wonderful behaviour this week Oliver! 

Picture 1


Today the green group completed their observational drawings of our Welsh items! They looked very closely at the detail and the colours and their finished pictures were beautiful! What do you think? 

This week in literacy the children have loved having the opportunity to learn the poem: Dragon Kisses by Moira Andrews! We have been discussing expression and actions and I hope as we are now in the second half of year 1 the children will start to use this expression in their reading at home too! The Red group loved preforming and then watching their performance back! 

Dragon kisses group 4

Still image for this video

Dragon Kisses group 5

Still image for this video

In numberland this week the children have been listening and reading the Welsh National Anthem! They enjoyed hearing it and lots recognised the song from the telly when the football or rugby was on!

We sounded out the words and with Miss Lincoln's help we have been singing it each day! 


We then used the anthem to collect data for a picture gram! The children used the Welsh flag to represent 2 words and then counted how many words started with particular letters! When there was an odd amount the children cut the flag in half to represent 1! 

Today we have had another busy busy day! Lots of fun was had with the Yellow group during literacy! Miss Lincoln was so proud of the boys performance that I just had to upload their video! 

Dragon kisses group 3

Still image for this video

This afternoon the children headed outside to use their senses to describe nouns! They practiced using commas in between two adjectives!


Miss Lincoln is so proud at how cleaver they all are!!


Kyle said the commas stop the adjectives arguing! 😂😊

Our class display is up and looks amazing! Thank you all so much for your hard work at home!
Picture 1
Happy St Davids Day! 
What an amazing day we have all had! The children looked so wonderful in their beautiful welsh themed clothes! 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

This morning we had a visit from a musical theatre company who told us about three tales from Wales! 

The first was about a cheeky magician who managed to fool people into thinking he was a wizard! He helped a woman to find out who had stolen her jewels! 


The next was about a couple from Cardiff who no matter how hard they tried their farm was falling apart! Luckily, they had a visit from some mythical Welsh creatures who came to help them and soon their farm was a wonderful success! 


The last story was about a monster which is said to live in a lake near Conwy! The family managed to trap him and carry him up the Snowdonian mountains....but half way up his eye popped and the water created a lake at the top of the mountains!! 

The children had so much fun singing and clapping along! 

Welsh stories 1

Still image for this video

Welsh stories 2

Still image for this video

Afterwards we did a little performing ourselves! Green group learnt a poem about a dragon and recited it to the rest of the class using expression and some actions!

I think so of my children need to come and join Miss Lincoln's youth theatre!! 

Dragon Kisses group 1

Still image for this video

Dragon kisses group 2

Still image for this video
This afternoon, as the sun was shining, we headed outside to practice our Welsh country dance! The children all did very well considering we had had much time to practice and they looked so sweet dancing in their Welsh costumes!! 

Class 4 Welsh dancing

Still image for this video


This afternoon was an afternoon of art and design! The Red group created some beautiful observational pictures by looking closely at some objects associated with Wales and then drew them and coloured them in using oil pastels! 


I am almost certain the rest of the class will draw equally beautiful pictures over the next 2 weeks so I will keep adding the rest of the classes finished pictures to this slide show! 


The Yellow group began their cape designs this week by measuring their teddies/figures! I can't wait to see the finished products over the next few weeks! 


What a lovely start to the half term! The children's Welsh displays are awesome and have already began to go up on display! Thank you for all your hard work over the holidays! This week we are embracing all things Welsh! Some of the children have already started to take part in some of the challenges today including: making the Welsh flag, creating a daffodil using the peg boards, sorting red/white/green beads using tweezers on the fine motor table and in the construction area the boys were trying to make a monastery just like the one in the story of St David! They all worked hard together to try to make it exactly 1m30cm!  

It's the last day of the holidays! I hope everyone has had a lovely time and stayed safe!
Miss Lincoln has missed you all very much and can't wait to hear about all the busy things you have been up to! 


Just a reminder for the week ahead: 


Please remember your teddy/figure that we can keep in school this half term and design and make a superhero cape for! We have limited space so please don't bring any in that are larger then 30cm!

I am looking forward to seeing the shoeboxes showing me 'What Wales is to you'! If you have lots to bring in tomorrow then we don't mind them coming in on Tuesday instead! They are all going to look wonderful I am sure!

There is no forest school this week - it starts again the following week (Week Beginning 6th).

Wednesday (1st March) is our St David's day celebrations! The children can come dressed in traditional Welsh clothing or in the colours of the flag!  

We will have P.E this week (Monday and Wednesday as usual) but as we are practising a Welsh dance on Wednesday we won't change into their P.E kits!

Wow! A busy week ahead! Make sure you all have an early night and have read both your books ready for a new book tomorrow! 

⭐️The star of the week is Oliver!⭐️

Oliver is one of the kindest little boys Miss Lincoln has ever met! He is so generous and loveing to the rest of his class mates! He always thinks carefully about what he is about to do or say to ensure no one gets hurt or upset! Oliver works extreamly hard in all the activities Miss Lincoln gives him and his reading is getting better and better! It must be all that reading you're doing at home Oliver!! A big well done to you! 

Picture 1


Today we enjoyed using the outoor provision areas! It's not often we have time or the space (as Reception also use it) so when we get the chance to pop out we love it! 


It's so wonderful as a teacher to watch the children interact together! Their personalities really shine through in the role play areas outside and it's great to watch them speed around on the bikes! 


Today the children have created pebble art pictures....(guess what Miss Lincoln was doing last weekend 🙈)!

The children chose which scene they would like to create: Gelerts grave under the tree or before Gelert died at the castle with his owner Llwelyn! 


The childrens backgrounds were very beautiful! They thought about where the would position the pebbles and then once they were happy they stuck them down with Mrs Selby's help! 

The display has begun to go up and already it looks  awesome!! 

Today some of the children will have bought their air dry clay models home with them! The children have been busy spending time in the fine motor area with the clay making Gelert (the dog). 


With Miss Lincoln today the Green Group looked at the story 'Bedd Gelert' in Welsh. They ordered the pictures and the text separately (this was a tricky task) but they looked for key Welsh words which they recognised to help them! Afterwards they wrote the story!


The Red Group worked independently to sort words from the story into: Adjectives, Nouns and Verbs! This had followed on from a similar task they did back in November where they sorted just nouns and adjectives! It's wonderful to see how much the children are progressing! 

Blake and Owen visited the number area today and used the cubes to practice their number formation by trying to create the number on the card! 

In P.E the children completed their Fairy Tale dance by adding finishing positions and then they watched and evaluated each other's! They were some wonderful dancers! You all make Miss Lincoln so proud of how wonderful you all are 🤗👍! 


This week our story focus 'Bedd Gelert' follows on from our assembly theme perfectly! Gelert, the dog, saved the baby from the wolf (blaidd). He was very brave to stand up to the wolf and because of this Class 4 thought he should be rewarded with a trophy! Therefore in the Model Challenge Area, this weeks task is to make a trophy! The children have had lots of fun making models today but Lucy and Masie both worked extra hard on theirs! I'm sure you'll agree it's super! 

Tomorrow we will continue along this theme by thinking about times that the children have been brave! 


Picture 1


Well Mums and Dads! You would have been extreamly proud of your little ones today! They were brilliant and as some of them said to me, 'That was the best we have ever done it!' 

The children spoke clearly, in a loud voice and remembered their lines perfectly! 

They all sang their songs and smiled and at the end, I had at least 3 children come and ask me if we could perform again as the had so much FUN! 


Class 4 - you made Miss Lincoln very proud of you today! Well done! (I think you should all join youth theatre when you are a little bigger!) 🎤🎼👍

Picture 1

⭐ Our star of the week is Molly!!⭐

Molly has been so excited throughout this week to see how many stars she could get! I am very proud of how hard she has worked this week in all she has done! Molly always sits on the carpet quietly and listens carefully to instructions! Molly loves animals and it's always lovely to hear about her visits to the zoo or to see how she has brought animals into the challenge areas! I can't wait until we study 'Rumble in the Jungle!' 

Keep working hard Molly! You are a super star! 

Picture 1


In between all our busy learning we have also been trying to fit in assembly practice. Today was the final full rehearsal in the hall where we practiced our moves and the volume of our voices! Miss Lincoln has tried her best to record the assembly but it is a little quiet due to the phone - not the children! 

The singing is very loud 😉🤗! Please keep practising your lines over the weekend as a few were a little bit wobbly today!! 


Assembly Part 1

Still image for this video

Assembly Part 2

Still image for this video

Assembly Part 3

Still image for this video

Assembly Part 4

Still image for this video

Assembly Part 5

Still image for this video

Assembly Part 6

Still image for this video

Assembly Part 7

Still image for this video

Be not afraid - Song

Still image for this video

Esther - Song

Still image for this video


Today during P.E we cast our minds back to when we had Cinderella as our focus book! We used one of the songs from Cinderella, to learn a dance routine and then, as a group we added our own ideas to create a group dance! Next week we will continue adding to our dance thinking about an exciting ending position! Then we will evaluate our group dances and find ways to improve them! 


I love Kyle and Nia's ballroom style dance during the group section! 💃🏼🕺🏼


Fairy tale dance

Still image for this video


Today we enjoyed exploring symmetry! The Red group used mirrors to help them draw the other side to the shape so it was symmetrical and then they read the sentences to find out which colours each shape needed to be! 


The Yellow group worked with Mrs Selby, first they looked at the sweeties which had been cut in half and tried to work out which halves matched so they had symmetrical sweets! The ones that didn't match they decided we're non-symmetrical! Afterwards they sorted the sweets in their books independently! 


All the children have have worked hard today, especially this afternoon when we had a little practice of our assembly lines. Please keep reading your lines at home and practising to read them at home in a loud, clear voice! If you are an actor/actress - please keep learning your lines as we will be running through the assembly on Friday without the script so Miss Lincoln can film it for Mums and Dads! 


Wow! What a start to what I am sure will be a super week! This week is a maths focus week, which means all our activities will involve some kind of mathamatical skill! 

Our week story theme is Hansel and Gretle! As the witches house is covered in sweeties Miss Lincoln couldn't resist adding lots of sweets to all of the challenge areas! 

The children so far have been very sensible as none of the sweeties have gone missing yet....I am sure I will have some spare as a treat at the end of the week 🍭🍬🍿! 


In the challenge areas the children have already made a great start at completing lots:


Some of the girls have been estimating how many sweeties are in the jars and writing down their sensible guess! 


In anticipation for a sweetie treat at the end of the week, Lucy and Olivia used the IPads to tell me which sweetie they like the most and why in Welsh! 


Olivia was also busy in the Fine motor area finding out how many popcorn pieces to put in each cup by doubling the amounts!  




⭐Our star of the week is Florence!⭐

Florence has worked extra hard this week. She has been a super star at tidy up time and has completed lots of the challenges! Florence has been working hard on trying to complete work a little quicker and has been reading a little more at home too! I am looking forward to our assembly where Florence and a few of the girls are going to sing beautifully to the rest of the Foundation Phase! So it's a big well done Florence! Keep up all the hard work!! 



Picture 1


During this week, the children have been working with Mrs Selby to create a colourful way of saying thank you to the Chinese restaurant that made our yummy food for Mondays tasting session! As it is the year of the rooster, they decided to use their handprints to make a colourful rooster poster for their wall! Miss Lincoln was surprised to see the children's thank you monkeys still on their wall from last year so I am certain they will treasure this new addition too! 


I think Mrs Selby and all the children have created a gorgeous thank you rooster! What do you think? 


Today we had lots of fun becoming a Chinese Dragon!! The children worked together to make the dragon move and listened to the music thinking about the beat and the different directions they wanted to make the dragon travel! 

We took turns being the dragon leader and then tried to change the dragons height by moving up and down! 

Afterwards we traveled back to the classroom as a dragon and surprised some of the teachers on the way!! 


The children also enjoyed completing a colour by numbers (they had to complete the addition sentences to work out the colour of each section!) It's so lovely to see the children using their newly learnt adding on skills in the independent challenge area! 


A big big well done to Nia and Isaac today too as they managed to complete our world puzzle! 

Chinese Dragon🏮

Still image for this video
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5


Today we had a little look for China and Wales on a map! We learnt that some countries are grouped together and these groups are called continents! We learnt that China is in Asia and that we live in Europe! 

I wonder who will be able to name some other countries that are also in Europe by the end of the week? 


Kyle visited the Finding Out table today and used Google Earth to try to find China!

Owen designed his own new Chinese flag using the Chinese dragon instead of the Welsh dragon! 

Molly and Amelia tried to direct the animals to the Emperor on the Fine Motor table!   


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


🎉🏮Happy Chinese New Year! 🏮🎉

Today, Year One, began our celebrations by having a scrummy Chinese! We tasted a little bit of everything including; seaweed, spring rolls, noodles, rice, sweet and sour sause and beansprouts! The children also enjoyed opening their own fortune cookie and reading the speacial message inside! 

A big thank you to all parents that contributed towards the cost of allowing the children to take part in this activity! This week we will use this special experience to enhance our Welsh writing. We will be using the pattern: Dw i'n hoffi / Dwi ddim yn hoffi.... (I like /I don't like) and giving reasons using the Welsh for because : achos! 

As you can see from the pictures....the children all loved trying out the different foods!!!



⭐ Well done to our star of the week Joseph! ⭐

Joseph is always so caring and kind to his peers! He works really hard in every lesson and is always extreamly polite! Joseph definitely deserved the trophy this week so a big well done to you Joseph! 

Picture 1


Miss Lincoln just had to share this little video of Kyle and Oliver in the Music Area playing the instruments and singing our Fairy Tale song we learnt this week!!! 

Fairy tale song

Still image for this video


Class 4 received a letter today from Cinderella! She popped into school and lost her shoe when she was having a look around!! Luckily, today we managed to follow the clues and found it looking very sorry for itself outside on our school field!!

The children thought it would be a good idea to write a note to Cinderella to let her know we had found it! I wonder when she will pop by to pick it up...! 


Happy St Dwynwen's Day! ❤️ Today we learnt about the Welsh valentine St Dwynwen! The children enjoyed making cards on the welsh table for their mums and dads that they love lots! I hope you all received yours! 


(Quick's not too late to buy Mums some flowers!!) 


Please remember forest school tomorrow (Thursday)! 🌲


Today was our first lesson taken by our Year 2 Chester University Student Miss Gallagher! It was a brilliant lesson which followed on from skills learnt in P.E last week! 

The children started with a warm up where they had to listen closely to instructions and perform movements such as: star jumps, tucks and touching the ground! 

After this, we continued to practice our dodging skills and bouncing of balls! All this practice helped us at the end of the lesson to play Stuck in the mud....with a twist!!

To save their friend the children had to bounce the ball under the 'stuck' persons arm to a friend! 

A wonderul P.E session that Miss Lincoln enjoyed as much as the children! 😂🤗

Our star of the week is Aanya!​​​​​​

Aanya always puts in 100% effort in everything she does. She has been very busy completing class challenges and extra ones too this week! Aanya is helpful and caring and extreamly sesnsible! Miss Lincoln knows she can always trust Aanya to do any special job! Da iawn Aanya and diolch for being such a superstar! 

Picture 1


This half term during our R.E and collective worship sessions we have been looking at special meals. So far we have thought about special meals we have been too and created an invitation for sombody else inviting them to a special meal we would like to have. We have looked at what happens during a Christian Sunday service and looked closer at the offering of gifts.

This week the children enjoyed creating their own chalice to carry the Wine and their own plate to carry the bread in. 

Next week we will think about the last supper and make links between this meal and the meal Christians have during their Sunday service at church. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


This week we have been looking at compass points in English and Welsh! We used a compass to work out which wall in our classroom is NSE and W! Then we had lots of fun giving the Welsh commands and then following them by facing towards the correct points!

We used this new knowledge to then direct the postman to the different fairy tale houses by giving him directions!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Directions in Welsh

Still image for this video


Today one of the children's activities was to learn our song 'Pwy wyt ti?' from our Fflic a Fflac Welsh scheme! 

The children used the IPads to film themselves singing the song! 


Aanya enjoyed it so much she wrote out the lyrics!  

Picture 1

Pwy wyt ti?

Still image for this video

Blake and Oliver J song

Still image for this video

Lucy and Emily

Still image for this video


Today the children have enjoyed exploring the challenge areas!

Blake and Oliver enjoyed making mattresses for the princess' bed in the make it area!


Florence, Aanya, Lucy and Nia made masks of the characters from Little Red and Princess and the Pea in the Welsh area! They then asked each other 'Pwy wyt ti?' And answered....'......ydw i!'


Molly and Amelia enjoyed making different shapes beds on the peg boards in the number area! 


Isaac and Molly had fun reading the different versions of Princess and the Pea too! 


Olivia enjoyed re-enacting the story, The Princess and the Pea in the small world area!



⭐Our first star of the week for 2017 is Nia!!⭐

Nia is always so kind and helpful. She tries really hard with her writing and always makes Miss Lincoln smile with the careing things she says! A big well done Nia!

Picture 1


today the children used the IPads to access Google and search for pictures of next weeks focus story 'The Princess and the Pea!' 

They then tried to copy the picture by looking closely at the patterns of the mattress and the different colours in the picture!

I'm sure they will all look beautiful on display when they are finished! 


It was our forest school afternoon! Miss Lincoln did have her fingers crossed for some snow for us to all play in but instead we had mud! Mud, mud and more mud! Our wellies had a lot of fun!!!

The children's forest school challenge this week was to create a path, just like Little Red had to follow, as a whole class. I gave them a starting place and an ending place for their path! The result was amazing and my favourite comment of the year so far was when we had finished walking all the way to the end of the path, Blake turned to his friends and said 'Look at what we can do when we work together!' What wise words from a wonderful little boy!!


After the children completed their challenge we had some time making music in our outdoor music classroom and then headed back to try and wash SOME of the mud off our boots (sorry mums and dads!) 


It always brings a smile to my face to see how well the children work together and support each other in all different situations! Class 4 makes Miss Lincoln very proud! Thank you for being so wonderful! 


During circle time today we had a think about the choices Little Red had made in her story. We thought about what her mum had told her and about whether she had listened or not. We spoke about consequences and about the importance of making the right choice to ensure we are all safe. The children then promised they would try their hardest to stay safe and we made sure they understood what they could do if they ever felt unsafe in different situations. 

To end the session we signed our names to show we ment our promises and then added this to our meditation mat to allow us to reflect and say thank you to all the people who keep us safe! 


some more yummy pies were made today by the yellow group...they even made an extra one for Miss Lincoln! Yum yum! I have added the pictures in Mondays album! 


Another fun and busy day in Class 4! 

As our focus story this week has been about Little Red, we decided to carry out an investigation to find out which material would be best to keep Little Red dry in the rain! 

The children used 'discovery dog' to help plan their investigation and then tested the materials to find their answer! 

We thought about:

What we will need

What we will keep the same (to make sure it's a fair test!)

What we will do

and which material we thought would be best....lots of the children thought felt or cotton but some clever sparks thought about what materials their umbrellas were made of and decided plastic would be best!


We all enjoyed using the pipette to add the water carefully and we had fun moving the water round all around the plastic! We couldn't believe the way the water bubbled up! Not even a drop went through!

Little Red will be very pleased with our findings I'm sure! 


I have added today's pie making pictures to yesterday's post! 



Well it has been quite an eventful day today! Unfortunately the school had a power cut just as we popped our lovely pies into the oven! So they have turned a little more into tarts! However; we all thought they looked lovely and I hope they tasted scrummy too!!


Could you evaluate your pie/tart at home?

How you could make your pie better?
Is it too dry or is it too wet?
Are there other ingredients you would like to add?
Maybe you would like to change some of the ingredients?


I will keep adding the children's pie making pictures as the week goes on!  


This week in our R.E sessions we have been thinking about special meals. The children created invitations for a special meal they would like to have and added information such as: what the meal is celebrating, who they are inviting, what they would be eating and where the meal would take place. 

They also created a colourful place mat that they could use at meal times!

Friday has been a lovely end to an exciting first week back! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


Today the children have been planning their own pie for 'Grandma' just like Little Red did during the theatrical production.

We gave them a variety of ingredients to choose from including: lemon, chocolate, strawberries, vinegar, sugar, curry powder and bananas! 

The children each chose 3 ingredients, came up with a name for their pie and thought about whether they would like the taste....or not! 

So far the ingredients chosen sound delicious and I am looking forward to trying their concoctions next week when they create their yummy pies!! 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! Happy New Year! 


I have had such fun hearing about all the wonderful things the children received this Christmas! I have also been enjoying reading the beautiful thank you letters they have wrote in their learning logs! What lucky children they all are! 
This half term our topic is 'Once upon a time' and following our wonderful show we watched before Christmas we have decided our first story that we would focus on will be Little Red Riding Hood!

Today the children read the story in Welsh and by looking at familiar words they recognised they were able to order the story! 
Aanya and Maisie surprised me by reading the whole story out loud! Miss Lincoln is very proud of how hard they tried as there are some tricky words in the story! 

Little red welsh

Still image for this video
During our P.E session we used the wolf (blaidd) as targets to practice our throwing skills. We also had the opportunity to practice counting up in 2s, 5s and 10s as we counted up our team scores!!! 

PE Wolf targets

Still image for this video

⭐️ A big well done to our Christmas star of the week: Jac!! ⭐️

Jac is so excited to tell his Mummy and Daddy just how hard he has been working at school! 

He really has made huge progress and I am so proud of him in all he does! 

Make sure you read lots to daddy in the holiday Jac - I know he won't believe all those tricky words you can now read!! You are such a smiley, happy little boy and I love having you in our class!! Well done Jac and keep up the good work!!! 


Picture 1


Well Christmas is truly upon us! The next time I post on here will be 2017! Doesn't time fly when you're having so much fun! And what a fun start to year 1 we have all had.

On behalf of myself and Mrs Selby I would like to say a huge thank you to you all for your beautiful and extreamly thoughtful gifts. Just having the opportunity to spend time with your children and watch them grow and develop is such a joy. So thank you all so so much. 


Picture 1

We spent our last morning this year making Christingles! Miss Lincoln enjoyed telling the children all about when she was a little girl and used to make them in church at Christmas time! 

Because we all love singing so much, we found a special christingle song which helped us to learn what the different parts represent.


I hope the children enjoyed eating the yummy sweeties! 

The Christingle Song

As I am sure the children have told you, each day we have been taking 3 minutes to listen to our meditation music and using this time to enjoy quiet in our very very busy days. The children have loved having this opportunity and often get a little annoyed with Miss Lincoln if I forget!!! 

In the run up to Christmas we have used this time to share our daily Advent prayer. Because we have finished for Christmas so early this year I promised the children I would add what the children wanted to pray for up until Christmas Day! So if you would like to take the time to say a little Advent prayer each day...this is what they wanted to pray for: 


17th - Joseph wants to pray for all our friends.
18th - Isabella wants to say thank you for all the lovely things we haves
19th - Amelia wants to pray for our mummies and daddies.
20th - Oliver R wants to pray for all the daddies.
21st - Kyle wants to pray for all the lovely teachers.
22nd - Nia wants to pray for all the teachers in the world.
23rd - Mollie wants to pray for all the animals.
24th - Olivia wants to pray for all the poor people.

Picture 1

I hope all of my lovely children and their families have the most wonderful Christmas holiday. Remember to stay safe and show everyone just how much you love them during this very special holiday! I can't wait to see you all in 2017! 

Nadolog Llawen!!! 


Today we have been thinking about odd and even numbers. 

We first looked at numbers to 10. We found a pattern that went : Odd, even, odd, even, odd .....

Now that we know odd and even numbers to 10....we can use Miss Lincoln's magic trick to work out whether any number is odd or even.


Miss Lincoln's magic trick is to look at the last number to say if it is odd or even!


The children wanted to test their mums and dads, can you tell your child if their number is odd or even:


Joseph - 99

Mia - 22

Nia - 66

Maisie - 100

Gemma - 72

Molly - 92

Florence - 1000

Jac - 61

Max - 106

Aanya - 105

Emily - 104

Blake - 6000

Isabella - 190

Isaac W - 9006

Lucy - 900

Isaac G - 1099

Oliver H - 29

Oliver R - 27

Oliver J - 169

Kyle - 52

Owen - 96

Olivia - 0 


I hope you got them right mums and dads! Look at the wonderful odd and even work the children have done today!

Nia, Molly and Emily matched the baubles to the odd and even Christmas trees too! 



Today it was DVD morning today! The children had the opportunity to watch 'Secret Life of Pets!' One of Miss Lincolns favourites! Then after lunch we had some Christmassy activities! The Red group had fun making birthday party hats as we remember Christmas is a time when we celebrate Jesus being born!!! 


The Yellow group were dressing Santa and saying what he was wearing using the Welsh pattern 'Mae ganddo fo...' - 'He has!'

Amelia's work was so beautifully presented that I photocopied it so she could take it home to show mum!! Silly Miss Lincoln forgot to take a picture to add to the website- I will try to remember and add it tomorrow!!! Da iawn Amelia and the rest of the Yellow group for your super Welsh sentences!! 




We have all had an amazing time at Unity Theatre in Liverpool watching Little Red! 

The children behaved really well as always and laughed and clapped along! 

A big well done to all the cast and crew! They kept the children's attention throughout and even when at times it was a little scary they gave the children little smiles!!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


Well if we weren't feeling 'christmassy' we are after today!! 

We have had such a busy fun-filled day!

This morning we had a visit from Hawarden High School. The girls sang carols, played instrements and even read passages of the Christmas story from the Bible. It was a wonderful opportunity for the children to see where they could be in just 8 years time (scary)!! 

Afterwards we all sang some of our Christmas songs to them! 

Hawarden choir 1

Still image for this video

Year 1&2 choir

Still image for this video

Silent night

Still image for this video
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

After our visit we had fun in the different challenge areas! 

Blake, Joseph, Oliver and Kyle created a sleigh for Santa in the construction area - they even built a reindeer! 

Jac and Amelia couldn't wait to decorate our class Christmas tree!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

And then.....

After lunch it was PARTY TIME!!!!

We all played 'Pass the parcel', 'Musical chairs', 'Musical bumps', 'Musical statues' and enjoyed a tasty snowman marshmallow biscuit and a drink! Well it is hard work playing all these fun games after all!!! 

To end the day we went into the hall where we had a Year 1 & 2 dance off! I must say....Class 4 know how to move!!! 


I hope all the children had a lovely Christmas party and are all tired and ready for bed!!! 


See you all tomorrow ready for our trip to the theatre!!! 😍


We all find lots of things tricky! We can't all be good at everything! But the most important thing to remember is mistakes help us learn and grow and as long as we try our best and we are kind and supportive to others then we should be proud of ourselves.

I am the luckiest teacher in Ewloe Green as my children always try their best and are super kind to others! Especially our star of the week: Max!!! 

No matter what Max can put a smile on your face! He is kind, caring and always, always tries his best! I'm so proud of you Max in all you do! Thank you for making Miss Lincoln and Mrs Selby smile each and every day! 

Picture 1


Today the children had their school concert!

Miss Lincoln thought all the children were amazing and I loved their costumes!!

When we got back Class 4 shared what they thought of the show! This is what they said:


I liked it when we all sang 'Munch Munch, Crunch Crunch!' - Oliver H

I like the last song when we all put our hands up to sing STARS! - Harrison

I liked the show because it rhymed. - Gemma

I enjoyed it when Florence sang her song on her own! - Emily and Aanya

I enjoyed singing the Welsh song! - Blake and Florence

I thought singing 'Boogy Woogy Santa' was good. - Jac, Nia and Oliver J

I liked singing the cards song. - Issac G

I thought it was funny when the cards sang their song! - Joseph

I like the warm clothes song because it was funny! - Amelia and Isabella

I liked it when the reindeers were singing - Molly

I liked when we did the poem. - Lucy and Olivia

I liked when Thomas in Mrs Harvey's class used expression! - Maisie

I liked singing Boogy Woogy santa because it was my song! - Max

I liked it after Santa said his lines he went 'HO HO HO'! - Issac W

I liked doing my bit of the poem because it was fun! - Mia

I liked the elves and reindeers song! - Kyle

I liked all of it! - Oliver R

Picture 1


Today year 1 & 2 spent the morning in the Church rehearsing for our Christmas show tomorrow! The children have worked really hard this half term and I am sure you will all be very proud tomorrow.

We can't wait for you all to see it and I can't wait to see your costumes! I hope you're looking forward to it Mums and Dads!


Mums and dads: Please do NOT sit or stand in the isles tomorrow as the children will be moving all around the church for the performance. 


We all had a wonderful visit from the puppets today! 

Video 1

Still image for this video

Video 2

Still image for this video


As it is our special Science/Entrepreneurial week, the children last week came up with lots of ideas of things we could make! On Friday they decided they would make hot chocolate spoons. 

This week we have been investigating which chocolate would melt the best so we know which to use. We planned and carried out our investigation and our findings helped us to see which milk chocolate will be the best type to use! 

The children then began to design their own hot chocolate spoon patterns and labelled their design to help Miss Lincoln know what she needs to buy from the shop!

Tomorrow's job......make the hot chocolate spoons and complete a data collection activity to decide how much we should charge for each spoon! 


Today we had a visit from TechniQuest! They presented the workshop 'The Story Factory'. The children had to help Delyth (The dragon) to solve the problems in her favourite night time story tales. The children completed the fantastic science investigations and recapped over some important information such as; understanding what materials are natural and man-made, which materials are magnetic and which materials are noisiest/quietest!

At the end of the presentation the children had the chance to mix two materials: magic powder and water and made snow!!


Today the children worked with Miss Wade! They enjoyed reading the story of 'Aliens Love Underpants' and making colourful Alien's underpants!!

⭐️ Da iawn Isaac who is our star of the week⭐️

Isaac is such a kind and loving boy. He is always there for his friends and willing to help when ever he is asked. It's always a treat to read with him as he comes up with great ideas about the story! Isaac has worked really hard this week with his work and makes Miss Lincoln very proud of him! Well done Isaac!! 

Picture 1


Today the children were busy reading Miss Lincoln's mixed up words! They were all very cleaver and could make the words into sentences about silly Aliens! 

It's a good job I have cleaver children in my class! I would be lost without them! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


Another day of shapes! I'm sure by the end of this week the children will be dreaming of shapes!!

Oliver and Oliver were super busy and sorted the 2D and 3D shapes into two sets. They did tell me that they put a few in the middle because although they knew they were 2D they were slightly thicker then the others! What awesome thinking by the boys! 

We also started to sort some 3D house hold containers - but found it tricky to find cone,pyramid, sphere and cube empty containers! If you see any at home please could you bring them in for us to use? Thank you!! 

Picture 1
Picture 2

It's Monday!! 21.11.2016

We have been busy today looking at 2D and 3D shapes! 

The Blue group worked with Miss Lincoln to name some 3D shapes and then we talked about their properties. 

Together we counted how many edges and faces the shapes had! 

Isaac visited the sand challenge today where he managed to match the 2D shapes to their names! Some super maths and literacy skills! 

Picture 1
Picture 2

⭐️Da iawn Harrison our star of the week!!!⭐️

Harrison has worked really hard with his reading this term and always reads at home! He is very kind to the other children as has been very helpful tidying up! Well done this week Harrison! You are a superstar! 

Picture 1


Children In Need Day!

What an amazing day we have had raising money for Children in Need. Once of the best things this morning was asking the children 'Why have you come dressed in your Pjs to school?'. They children could explain that we are raising money for other children who don't have lovely things like us. It's a wonderful feeling to know that our children appreciate just how lucky we are in life, and that they understood the concept of a fundraising day!

A big well don't go Emily who won the Pudsey Outfit competition! She won some great 'blow pens' and I am sure Emily will love using them! 

As a school we managed to raise over £650! A big THANKYOU! 

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5


This week the children have been working together to create our Class 4 Christmas display!

Each class this year has been given a part from 'The 12 days of Christmas' song!

Our class have got '4 calling birds'!

This part of the song reminds us of the four Gosple writers from the Bible: Mark, Mathew, Luke and John. 

The children have done a wonderful job and we can't wait to see what the other classes do too! 

Picture 1


It's all gone a little strange in Class 4.....aliens have landed!!!

We have been extra busy today creating aliens out of 2D shapes and giving them names!

In the construction area, Isaac, Amelia, Oliver and Maisie have been busy creating a spaceship ready for our aliens to return home!


Jac and Isabella sorted the cards to show which things are light sources and give us light and which objects don't! 


With Miss Lincoln the Green group have been investigating which materials block light! After they had predicted and gave reasons for their answers they carried out their investigation and then came up with the best materials for the aliens curtains to help them sleep better on planet earth....

I would tell you the best material but then the other groups would know before their turn to investigate....! Shhhhhh hehe 🤐🤐!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7


Today the children have had lots of fun with Miss Wade making shadow puppets! They used the tourches to create shadows to draw around and then turned their shadows into puppets! 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
During the afternoon, Miss Lincoln then took the children on a shadow hunt around school to see what shadows we could find and to investigate what is blocking the light to make them! 

⭐️Da iawn to our star of the week LUCY! ⭐️

Lucy takes part in all the challenges, listens really hard to the teachers when she is on the carpet and is always very kind to her friends. She is very artistic too and often draws lovely pictures in class! You truly deserve to be the star of the week this week Lucy! Well done! 

Picture 1


The children all took part in the 2 minuets silence and both Miss Lincoln and Mrs Selby were taken aback by just how sensible the children were. You really could hear a pin drop in our class during the time. After the silence we said a class prayer for all the soldiers and their families. 

Well done class 4, as always you showed respect and kindness. 


The children have been busy today finishing their Diwali lanterns! They used the three tricky 2D shapes (pentagon, hexagon and octagon) to decorate them! Miss lincoln asked the children to count the sides to help them learn how many sides each shape has and then they created repeating patterns with the shapes! 

They defiantly brighten up our classroom! 

Big apologies from Miss Lincoln - I haven't been very well the past few days so I haven't been able to update the website with the children's wonderful work, however even though I haven't been in school the children have still been extra busy this week! We have been looking at Diwali, 2D shape and also thinking about our topic light and dark. On the IPads this week the children are haveing the opportunity to read facts about different animals and their challenge has been to find out which animals are nocturnal and which are diernal! They then took pictures of the animals and displayed their findings using the app PicCollage! 


⭐️A big well done to our star of the week Emily!⭐️

Emily had been so close to winning the trophy for the last few weeks and this week she did it! Emily is always helpful and kind to others. She is super duper sensible and very trust worthy! She tries her best in all she does! Da iawn Emily! 

Picture 1


What a day we have had today! This morning Joseph and Isaac had Miss Lincoln and Mrs Selby in stitches laughing! Their acting skills were just super! They decided to use the click chains to make handcuffs and chains to re-enact Guy Fawkes being captured! 

When I asked them if I could take a picture for the website they managed to pull the most brilliant sad faces!!!

The girls were working hard to build the Houses of Parliament and used their puppets to show where Guy Fawkes was hiding the gun powder! 

Oliver created a water hose to put the fire out during bonfire night!

Isaac create a colourful firework and added some swirls to make it even brighter and the girls were busy colouring in the sparklers and using the sequins to make their work sparkle! 

What a brilliant week!!! 



The children should have brought home with them a little note letting you know about costumes! 

I hope most of the characters they are playing are quite self explainitory and easy to gather a costume for. If you do need any help please do ask as we are always here 😊!

A few parents have asked about the Christmas diner: we recomend party clothes and a tray with some pretend Christmas foods! ⛄️🌲Yay - it's almost Christmas time!!!

As we near towards December....we have began to think lots about 'waiting'. This week Miss Lincoln brought the children a present.....but the children had to wait 1 minuet before they could open it....! This started lots of exciting discussion about what could be in the box and we spoke about how we felt about waiting! 


We used this to then think about other things in our lives that we have had to wait for! The children came up with lots of suggestions! We also spoke about why it's important to wait sometimes. 


We finished the session by opening the present....and what was inside?....a.....CHRISTMAS POSTBOX!


(Little Max said he can't WAIT to decorate it!!!) 



The children have started our new topic with a bang! Unfortunately, we couldn't use the hall for P.E this week as the projector was being fixed! We had planned to create a firework dance using some special fireworks music but instead we improvised and an even better lesson was created! The children had to guess the firework by listening carefully to the sound and then made their own firework sounds using only their hands! We managed to create some space to become fireworks too and made some wonderful firework moves!  


Firework sounds with only our hands!

Still image for this video

Firework sounds!

Still image for this video
🌳Reminder: there is NO forest school this week (1.11.16) or next week (7.11.16) for the children in Year 1!🌳


Well a big well done to all you Mummies, Daddies, Nannies, Grandads, Brothers, Sisters and any other family members that helped the children with their Guy Fawkes puppet project! They are absolutely amazing! They had Miss Lincoln and Mrs Selby in giggles as we saw the extra little students join our class this morning! 

The children today have already started putting them to good use in the construction area, where they have been building 'The Houses of Parlement' and during a 'Must Do' activity, where the children used them to help create a Wanted poster for Mr Fawkes! 


I can't thank you enough for being such wonderful supportive parents! 

Miss Lincoln hopes that everyone has had a lovely holiday! Remember that you have one extra day tomorrow (Monday 31st) as school opens again for you all on Tuesday! 

I can't wait to see all your wonderful Guy Fawkes puppets which I am sure you have all been busy making! This will really help you with this weeks challenges which will be based on the history of Bonfire night! 

⭐️ Congratulations to our star of the week OLIVIA!⭐️

Olivia has been desperate to win the trophy and has worked really hard this week and been extra helpful to try to earn enough stars! Da iawn ti! 

Picture 1


This week we have been looking at the four seasons, the months of the year and the days of the week! We have enjoyed using our ICT skills to order the months and then print our work off! In the second half of this week the children have been creating scenes to match the season! 

With Miss Lincoln - we have used our Welsh to think about what clothes we would wear during each season! We used the pattern : Mae gen i....which means: I have...!

How amazing is Joseph reading his work! 


Joseph Welsh - Mae gen i.....

Still image for this video


Happy Harvest!!

Today we welcomed Mr Slatter back to our school. He took our morning Harvest assembly and read us a book about a little boy who wanted to thank the person who provided his yummy toast! What a journey he went on until he ended up saying thank you to God for the sun and the rain that helps to grow the wheat! 

The children's special task following the assembly is to say thank you as many times as they can today to all the wonderful people who help them.


I would like to say a big thank you to everyone for sending in so many wonderful donations for our charity: Woman's Aid.

Picture 1

During lessons today we completed our final rotation of our topic lessons! Even though our topic is dinosaurs, in true Foundation Phase style we followed the children's intriguing minds and looked at our bodies and what's inside them! 

We have had lots of fun learning about our organs and today we labelled our bodies showing the different organs our skeletons protect! 


The children used their knowledge of Welsh to label their limbs and used the factual books to find out about how some of our organs work! All the children have been busy this week adding new facts they have learnt to the wall!