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Class 14

Welcome to Class 14


Presentation points for Monday- things to try and include in your presentation next week.

May use cue cards to help, may use a Power Point presentation.

Must last at least 2 minutes, maximum 5 minutes.

1- Introduction- what will you be talking about?

2- Summary of things you have learnt.

3- What new learning has surprised you the most?

4- What did you find difficult? What did you find easy?

5- What would you do differently next time?

6- Conclusion.


Look forward to seeing your presentation...

Stockport Air Raid Shelters

Some ideas to authenticate your Evacuees’ Day


Here are some suggestions for your ration lunch.


Ration Lunch


Wholemeal bread

A scraping of margarine

Small amount of grated cheese

Spam, luncheon meat or corned beef


Meat or fish paste

Egg (but this was probably dried egg, not fresh)


British grown fruit in season e.g. apples, pears, plums, peaches, cherries etc

Plain biscuits e.g. rich tea or custard creams

Home made cakes (probably not chocolate flavour)


Sandwiches were wrapped in greaseproof paper (baking parchment is a good substitute)

Milk, squash or water to drink. Salt and Shake crisps


Clothing  - some suggestions for period dress.





Cotton dresses






School pinafore

Knitted pullover



Short trousers


Knitted cardigans

Fair-isle ‘tank top’


Plaited hair



Ribbons in hair



Example of email for HW

Supporting Children in Need - Friday 16th November

Supporting Children in Need - Friday 16th November 1
Supporting Children in Need - Friday 16th November 2
Supporting Children in Need - Friday 16th November 3
Supporting Children in Need - Friday 16th November 4
Supporting Children in Need - Friday 16th November 5

Forest Schools- 13/11/18- Creating and measuring compound shapes

Remembrance Service ~ 11.11.18

A big well done to William, Emily and Lili for attending the Hawarden Remembrance Service on Sunday where they represented the school by laying a wreath in remembrance to all those who have fought in war. It turned out to be a beautiful day once the ran clouds had cleared and the sun came out. Mrs McLellan and Mr Williams were very impressed as all three pupils carried out their duties with respect and dignity. They were an absolute credit to the school.

Remembrance Service ~ 11.11.18

Remembrance Service ~ 11.11.18 1
Remembrance Service ~ 11.11.18 2
Remembrance Service ~ 11.11.18 3


The Great Escape video is on the EwloeTV section of the website...if your video was unfinished then we can upload the extras next week smiley

PE afternoon - thinking outside the box

Moel Famau walk- fantastic day with fantastic children in a fantastic setting...thank you to all.

Air Raid Shelters- first attempt...looked good until the bombs starting falling.

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