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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Class 10

Weekly Spellings

Today you have been given your new spelling list. You have written it in your spelling book to help you learn your spellings.


Please continue to use Spellodrome ~ it is important to keep practising your list and being able to write each one in a sentence so you understand its meaning. Remember! For 1000 points you will get a merit and over 4000 points, 2 merits. Please try to go on Spellodrome for at least 5 minutes each day.


Next Monday, you will have a spelling test on the words given out today so make sure you have learnt them. smiley

English Homework 15.01.18


This term in English we will be exploring poetry and its range of styles. To start us off this week we will be reading poetry with similes and will have a go at writing some of our own. For your homework this week you are to choose your favourite farm animal and create a spider diagram describing it using a range of similes, for example: 

A pig:

A tail as curly as a spring

As lazy as a sloth

As hungry as a hog

As pink as a petunia 

As smelly as cheese 

Thank You!

Thank you so much for my lovely presents, you have been so kind! I wish you all a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year! Have a wonderful holiday and I'll see you on the 9th January. 😀

Swimming: 22.12.17

Please remember to bring your swimming kit in tomorrow (22nd) for our last swimming lesson.


Still image for this video
'O Holy Night' - verse 3


Still image for this video
'O Holy Night' - verse 2

O Holy Night

Still image for this video
We have been learning 'O Holy Night' to sing in service on Thursday. Here is verse one.

Nadolig Llawen

Still image for this video
We have been learning 'Nadolig Llawen' to sing during our service on Thursday.

Homework: 18.12.17

Please keep learning the two songs we have been practising in class - Nadolig Llawen and O Holy Night. Both songs are on the YouTube links on this page.

Homework: 15.12.17

Please keep practising 'O Holy Night' as we will be singing it to the rest of the juniors next week.

There are no spellings this week. You will have a new list in the New Year.

Also listen to the Welsh song, 'Nadolig Llawen'. Click on the video below.

Nadolig Llawen i Chi Gyd

Caryl Parry Jones. 1996 Côr Plant y Gwter

A few Christmas party photos!

Today's antics- finding Wally!
Picture 1

Our elves causing chaos!

Our elves causing chaos! 1

Lower Junior Christmas Party: Wednesday, 13th December

Tomorrow is party day so remember to come to school dressed in your best party clothes!

Double Trouble!

Our elves have been up to no good!

Picture 1

Our elf is up to mischief again!

Our elf, Snowflake has found a friend and both are now taking up residence in our classroom. We've decided to call him Elfis! Here's today's antics!

Picture 1
Please keep learning the words to our carol, O Holy Night. Below is the link to the words and video. 

O Holy Night with Lyrics Christmas Carol & Song | Children Love to Sing

O Holy Night Christmas carol sung with beautiful harmonies. Fill your home with the joy of Christmas music - Merry Christmas sing along. Great for performances, schools, choirs and church.🎵Subscribe: Free song lyrics and activities: Listen on Spotify: iTunes: __________________________________________________ GET IN TOUCH!

Class 10's products on sale tomorrow! 

Tealight jam jars - large £1.00     small 75p

Glitter baubles - 50p

Felt baubles - £1.00

Bracelets - £1.00

Lolly pop stick people book markers - large 50p   small 30p

Reindeer candy canes - £1.00

Hurry while stocks last! 🤗



Tealight Jam Jars - large £1.00. Small 75p

Tealight Jam Jars - large £1.00. Small 75p 1

Bracelets - £1.00

Bracelets - £1.00 1

Small Lolly Pop Stick People book markers - 30p

Small Lolly Pop Stick People  book markers - 30p 1
Small Lolly Pop Stick People  book markers - 30p 2

Large Lolly Pop Stick People book markers - 50p

Large Lolly Pop Stick People book markers -  50p 1

Felt baubles - £1.00

Felt baubles - £1.00 1
Felt baubles - £1.00 2

Glitter baubles - 50p

Glitter baubles - 50p 1
Picture 1

Entrepreneurial Day 3

Today we have been busy completing our products to sell at the Fayre tomorrow. 

Our special visitor! 

Today we had a special visitor in our class - a cheeky little elf! We've decided to call her Snowflake. We're wondering what she'll get up to during her stay with us! Today she thinks she's the teacher!

Picture 1

Entrepreneurial Day 2

What a great day we've had! We were so busy making our products we didn't realise morning break had started!! Here are photos showing what we've done today.

Entrepreneurial Day 1

Today we did lots of research for ideas of products we could make and sell on Thursday afternoon. We used our iPads and school catalogues to gather our ideas together. We saw lots of great ideas but we were mindful of our budget of only £15! Eventually we decided to make:-

1. Decorated tea light jars

2. Lolly pop people book markers

3. Glitter baubles

4. Felt baubles

5. Reindeer candy canes

6. An assortment of bracelets

We decided which products to make and were put into groups.

Maths Homework: 1.12.17

Today's homework is on tessellating shapes. These are shapes which fit together without leaving a gap.

On your sheet you will find the same shape on the two dotty grids. You need to draw two different patterns using the same shape. Please use a ruler and pencil to draw the lines and then colour in your pattern.


Jam Jars!

Please try to bring in empty jam jars (or any jar of a similar size) on Monday. This will be in preparation for one of our craft ideas for 'Entrepreneurial Day'. Thank You!


Have a lovely weekend! I hope your 'Elves on your shelves' are not too naughty!! smileysurprise

Homework: 27.11.17 - Due Weds 29th


Our Topic in Science this term is 'Electricity'. For your homework this week we would like you to design a poster for Electricity Safety. Your poster should give advice on how to stay safe using electricity. Here are some tips that you may want to include:

  • Never put your finger into a plug socket
  • Turn off all sockets if you are not using them
  • Don't have too many plugs in one socket, use an adapter
  • Use a safety plug to cover open sockets
  • Never leave loose wires around, tie them up or cover them


Your poster should be colourful with some illustrations. The best posters will be put up on display around the classroom. 

Spelling Homework: 27.11.17

Go on Spellodrome and copy out the next 10 spellings so that you have all 20 spellings written in your book.

Grwp Gwyrdd ~ el words

Grwp Glas ~ suffixes: ation

Grwp Coch ~ suffixes: ssion, double consonant

Maths Homework: 24.11.17

Today's homework is to complete the sheet on symmetry. Look carefully at the pattern and colour the opposite side to match it. Write a date and return it to school on Monday, 27th November.

Have a lovely weekend! smiley

Homework: 20.11.17

Your homework today it to create an anti-bullying poster as part of 'anti-bullying' week. Use drawings and words to get your message across.

Return to school on Wednesday, 22nd Nov.

Spelling Homework : 20.11.17

In school today you wrote the first 10 spellings in your spelling book. Now go on Spellodrome and write down the rest of your list in your spelling list book. Try to go on Spellodrome each day this week to practise your spellings.

Children in Need: 17.11.17

Today as part of Children in Need we all came into school dressed in our pyjamas! What a funny sight we made! We had great fun whilst raising money for this every worthy cause. We decided we liked coming into school in our onesies and pyjamas as we were all really cosy! Here are a few photos of the day:

Children in Need 17.11.17

Homework: 17.11.17

There is no maths homework today! Instead, please go over your spellings on Spellodrome thoroughly. Make sure all 20 spellings from this week's list are in the correct column.


Also, please take the time to do some reading.

Have a lovely weekend!smiley

Homework - 10.11.17


In aid of Parliament week next week your homework task is to research all of the Prime Ministers from 1945 to present. You are to find out:

  • Name
  • How long they were Prime Minister for
  • Which party they represented (Labour, Conservative)

Biome Montage: Half term homework

Your task over the holidays is to create a montage about a biome we have studied this half term. A montage is a piece of art made up of words and pictures. You can use pieces of paper in different colours to form the background and then glue pictures cut from magazines, newspapers and computer images on top. Your montage should also have words associated with the biome. Add any of the Welsh words we have used if you can remember them.

You have been given a piece of A3 paper to complete your homework on. Make sure your name is on the back before you hand it in.

Pupils from previous years have really enjoyed this work ~ hope you have fun too!

Below are some examples of montages completed in previous years.

Choose from one of the following biomes:-





Maths Homework: 20.10.17

In school this week we have been learning how to subtract using 'decomposition'. Remember, this is the method we use when the number you are taking away is the larger number.


There is an example on your sheet to remind you how to do it.

Please complete all the calculations in your maths homework book. Remember to write the date and the title and underline both.


Have a lovely weekend! smiley

Spellodrome through KS2

English homework - 16.10.11 due in Weds 18th 


This term we have been reading Roald Dahl's Matilda. For your English homework this week you are to choose a character from the story and write a character profile. This is to include:

  • A picture of your character
  • Name 
  • Description - Age, What they look like ect
  • Personality - Are they kind, clever, mean ect
  • Any other facts about them 

Maths Homework: 13.10.17


Your homework today is to practise 'column addition' which we have been working on in school  this week.


If your sheet has the title ~ 'Missing  Number 3 digit Addition', write ON the sheet and glue it into your book. Write the date and underline it.


If your sheet has the title ~ 'Addition', copy and answer the calculations carefully in your book. Write the date and title and underline both.


Have a lovely weekend! smiley

Well done to you all for performing so well in our class service. You all spoke very clearly and everyone heard you, even the year 6 children at the back! 👏👏

Maths Homework: 6.10.17

Your homework today is to practise 'greater than' and 'less than' numbers.

> this sign means greater than

< this sign means less than

Remember! The side with the wide opening is where the bigger number should be.

eg. 45 > 24  This means 45 is greater then 24.

      64 < 92  This means 64 is less than 92.


Please remember to write the date and underline it on the paper. Glue the sheet into your maths homework book.


Forest School: Thursday 12th October

You will need to dress in suitable clothes for Forest School on Thursday. You should bring wellies or boots and a waterproof coat also.


Assembly ~ Thursday 12th October

You have been given your lines for the assembly next week. If you can learn them off by heart, that would be great but if you are a little unsure about remembering so much, then you can read them from your sheet during the assembly. Please keep reading your lines through to ensure you can read them fluently. We will practise the assembly on Monday.


Have a lovely weekend! smiley

Maths Homework: 29.9.10

Your homework today is to do lots of things with the number in the splat bubble.

For the digital date, write the short date. In the 'hundreds, tens and units' box, write how many hundreds, tens and units are in your number.


When you partition a number, remember to split it into its hundreds, tens and units,

eg, 345 this would be 300 + 40 + 5                 3754 this would be 3000 + 700 + 50 + 4


Numbers less or greater than ~ remember, the wide opening always has the bigger number,

eg. 34 < 56 this means 34 is less than 56.

       375 > 37 this means 375 is greater than 37.


In the written problem, the answer should be the number in the bubble, eg if the number was 73, a problem could be, a farmer had 30 sheep and 43 cows. He had 73 animals in total.


Remember to show the calculation and work it out.


Please remember to write your name on the sheet.


Have a lovely weekend!smiley



English Homework - 25.09.17


This week for our Humanities Week we are looking at Africa. For your English homework this week you are to research a famous African of your choice. This can be a sports person, a actor/actress, singers, politician, arch or even a King or Queen from Ancient Egyptian times. You are to find out:

  • Name
  • When and where they were born/day of death
  • What they are/were famous for
  • Any other interesting facts 

This is due in Wednesday 27th Sept. 

Maths Homework: 22.9.17

In maths this week we have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10 or 100.

Your homework today is to practise rounding numbers to 10 or 100. Please complete your work on the sheet and write your name on it.


Forest School: 28.9.17

We will be completing a forest school activity but there is no need to come to school in your 'forest school' clothes. Please wear your uniform on this day. Thank you.


Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all on Monday!


Welcome back to school! I hope you have had a lovely summer holiday and had lots of fun! I also hope you have enjoyed your first day in year 4. It was lovely seeing you all looking so smart in your new uniforms.


Below is a list of all the things we talked about today:



PE is on Monday and Tuesday. Please come to school on a Monday morning wearing your PE kit. Bring your uniform in your bag as you can get changed into it after the PE lesson.

Leave your kit in school on Monday night so it will be ready to wear for the lesson on Tuesday.



Monday: English homework is given out and returned on Wednesday.

Thursday/Friday: Maths homework is given out and returned the following Monday.



Friday: you will have a test on a Friday morning and then be given a new set of spellings to learn for the following week.


Multiplication tables:

Keep practising your tables. You will have a tables test on Friday morning. Remember to make it fun ~ use TT Rockstars to help you!



Bring  your reading book into school each day. Your reading target this half term is to read at home at least 3 times a week.



Year 4 will go swimming later on in the term. We will let you know the dates closer to the time.


Forest School:

You will be informed about the day once the timetable has been sorted.



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  • 01244 532569